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The Gunner is a new class governed by Empyrean Lord Israphel.
Under orders from Empyrean Lord Israphel, resourceful scientists combined firearms with Aether. The results were the strong as well as fast Aether Revolver and the powerfully penetrative Aether Cannon. Engineers interested in technology were fascinated by the new weapons and tested them on the battlefield. They attained great success in the war between the Elyos and Asmodians, so much so that they were from then on recognized as their own underclass of the Engineer: the Gunners.

Gunner Characteristics

 Basic Attributes  Power 100 / Health 105 / Agility 105 / Accuracy 100 / Knowledge 100 / Will 100
 Available Weapons  Aether Revolver / Aether Cannon
 Available Armor  Leather
 Class Features
  • Players start out as Engineer, and become Gunner upon Ascending.
  • The type of weapon used will affect combat style.
  • Gunner use Aether Revolvers and Aether Cannons.

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Gunner Artwork