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Kaldor's Named Monster, Proud Darock!

Proud Darock is the Commander of Balaur Elite squad occupying one of Kaldor's location.

Kill him and among loot you can find a hair ornament with a unique appearance, Ancient Manastones, Ancient Coins and Idians.

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You can find the cave in the eastern part of Kaldor.

The monster you are looking for is deep inside the cave and is surrounded by elite Balaur guards.


Location of the cave


Boss is located deep inside the cave, between the
numerous elite guards


Proud Darock is a 2-Star Hero class warrior with a set of powerful physical based skills.

After you kill the commander he emerges again after a specific amount of time.


Level 65 2-Stars Hero class monster


Around the boss there are numerous elites

■ Key Skills

Proud Darock can use various skills. He follows following skill patters when engaged by players.

Skill Patterns Description
Smash > Earth Smash Strike > Earth Smash Strike > Repeated Slash The most likely pattern.Continously used skills dealing big amount of damage.
Gas Explosion > Shock Wave > Shock Waves
Less common pattern.Great damage skills causing Shock after Shock.
Rage > Ranged Shock > Shock Wave The least common pattern.Range attacks causing Stun with some protective skills.


The most common ground skill


Various stun and protective skills

Major Loot

Following loot can be found after defeating the Proud Darock.

The most interesting items are Darok's Mask and Eternal Ancient Manastones.


Among loot there is a hair ornament, Ancient Manastones and Ancient Coins

Hair Ornament

This headgear has an unusual appearance. Proud Darock was wounded in the right eye and a piece of his headgear has broken off, you can now wear this damaged piece of equipment as a trophy. See the picture below.

Name Physical Def Magic Resist Magic Suppression Evasion Secondary Attributes

Darok's Mask000HP +482
Spell Debuff +70
Increases Physical Defense Boost +155
Physical Crit Defense +86
Evasion +111
Magic Resistance +169


Male Character


Female Character


It can also be dyed


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Proud Darock



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