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Rustling tail~! Items to change your appearance

Popoku set can be crafted from materials gathered in Akaron.

You will need Tailoring or Armoursmithing at at least level 500 to manufacture any of following items.

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Item Information

Name Level Craft Materials
icon_item_rb_torso_e01.png Forest Denku's Frillycoat
Physical Def 234
Magic Resist 165
Evasion 276
65 500 [Static] Pure Katalium 10

[Static] Splendiferous Rawhide 10
Valiance Mote 25
Forest Denku's Chest Token 5
Forest Denku's Chest Crux 5

icon_item_rb_pants_e01.png Forest Denku's Bloomers
Physical Def 187
Magic Resist 132
Evasion 221
65 500 [Static] Pure Katalium 8

[Static] Splendiferous Rawhide 8
Harmony Mote 35
Forest Denku's Leg Token 4
Forest Denku's Leg Crux 4

icon_item_rb_shoes_e01.png Forest Denku's Shoes
Physical Def 140
Magic Resist 99
Evasion 165
65 500 [Static] Pure Katalium 5

[Static] Splendiferous Rawhide 5
Vigor Mote 35
Forest Denku's Foot Token 3
Forest Denku's Foot Crux 3

icon_item_rb_glove_e01.png Forest Denku's Gloves
Physical Def 140
Magic Resist 99
Evasion 165
65 500 [Static] Pure Katalium 5

[Static] Splendiferous Rawhide 5
Unity Mote 35
Forest Denku's Hand Token 3
Forest Denku's Hand Crux 3

icon_item_rb_shoulder_e01.png Forest Denku's Pauldrons
Physical Def 140
Magic Resist 99
Evasion 165
65 500 [Static] Pure Katalium 5

[Static] Splendiferous Rawhide 5
Protection Mote 35
Forest Denku's Shoulder Token 3
Forest Denku's Shoulder Crux 3

icon_item_rb_head_e01.png Forest Denku's Hat
Physical Def 93
Magic Resist 66
Evasion 110
65 500 [Static] Pure Katalium 10

[Static] Splendiferous Rawhide 10
Valiance Mote 25
Forest Denku's Head Token 5
Forest Denku's Head Crux 5


■ Appearance Extraction

- You can use this set to change appearance of any type of armour.

- Can only be used once for appearance remodelling.

■ Recipes - You can buy necessary designs from NPCs (Elyos: Dendron/ Asmodian: Pento) at your faction's camps in Akaron.

- You can buy recipes for Tailoring or Armoursmithing. Check for which proficiency you are about to buy a design for.


You can find all necessary designs in Akaron
Make sure you are buying a design for your profession


This set can be used to remodel
any type of armour

■ Materials

- '* Auras' can be obtained from killing various monsters in Akaron.

- Forest Popoku Insignias can be purchased from Akaron Garrisons. NPCs at different garrisons sell different types of those cards.

- Forest Popoku Prototypes can be obtained from Akaron's Ancient Monsters. The type of armour depends on the type of monster you summon.


You can find tokens at Akaron Garrisons


Key ingredients can be looted from Akaron's Ancient Monsters


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