Raging Anoha

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Raging Anoha, summon him right now!

Raging Anoha can be summoned after successfully capturing Anoha Fortress.

You will need as many people as you can gather to take him down.

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- After successfully capturing Anoha Fortress the Brigade General is going to be reworded with Anoha Sealing Stone. (Disappears after 6 days)

- Anoha's Runeseal Stone can be used under Anoha's Sword.

- Raging Anoha appears 30min after the Anoha's Sword has been activated.


Anoha's Sword in the vicinity of Anoha Fortress


Summon Raging Anoha


You can find various quests connected to Anoha Fortress and Raging Anoha.

Among various rewards, you can find Battle and Ceranium Medals.

Anoha Hero Quest

- Capture Anoha Fortress and kill Raging Anoha.

- Compensation packages contain Composite Manastones, Ceranium Medals and aid packages.

Anoha Repeatable Quests

- Kill Raging Anoha and players from the opposite faction.

- You will be rewarded with Battle and Ceranium Medals.

Fortress Conqueror Quests

- You can only summon monsters by doing a quest

- Among rewards you can find Illusion Godstones, Ancient Manastones, Composite Manastones and large amount of Ancient Coins.

- Quest rewards can be traded among legion members.


Invasion Update
New Areas Kaldor

Proud Darock



Akaron's Ancient Monsters

Ceranium Medals

Instances Changes to Existing Instances
Changes to Instance Entrances
New Instances

Baruna Research Laboratory

Heroic Instances
Runadium (heroic)
Rune Shield Tower (heroic)

Characters Skill Changes
Raids Beritra's Invasion
Raging Anoha
Akaron's Ancient Monsters
Fortress Anoha Fortress
Anoha Fortress Quests
Changes to the Existing Forts
Inggison and Gelkmaros Repeatable Quests
Items New Items
Ascended Agent's Set
Kunax Set
Fire Dragon's Set
Level 65 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 55 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 40 Beritra Supplies Set

Crafting Items
Legendary Master's Catalium Set
Jormungand's Special Greater Noble Set
Popoku Set
Deep Sea Chapir Set

Equipment Evolution Items
Enhanced Angry(Enraged) Hyperion's Set
Enhanced Unique Dynatum Set
Enhanced Mad Grendal's Set
Abyss Items
Elite Guardian Governor Set
Guardian Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Elite Archon Governor Set
Archon Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Extendable Abyss Weapons

Abyss Items(with lower rank restrictions)
Guardian Executor Commander's Holy Set
Guardian Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Archon Executor Commander's Holy Set
Archon Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Purified Essence
Illusion Godstones
Equipment Evolution System
Evolution of Abyss Items
Eternal Ancient Manastones
Return Scroll
Etc. Honour Points
Quest Auto-Complete Function
Changes to the Levelling Process

Additional Updates

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