4.7 Invasion Update - Characters

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Skill Changes

1. Changes to existing skills.

Class Skill Changes
Gladiator Magic Defence I Cooldown decreased from 3min to 1min 30sec.
Magic Suppression increased from 500 to 1000.
Pressure Wave I ~ III Cooldown decreased from 24sec to 20sec.
'Seismic Billow' has been added to the skill chain.
Templar Prayer of Freedom I Cooldown decreased from 10min to 5min.
Aether Armour I Cooldown decreased from 5min to 3min.
Assassin Sprinting I Reduced MP consumption.
Evasive Boost I ~ II Cooldown decreased from 2min to 1min.
Evasion boost increased from 350 to 500.
Ranger Aiming I 200 Magic Accuracy has been added.
Breath of Nature I ~ V Cooldown decresed from 5min to 1min.
HP and MP regeneration has been increased.
Sorcerer Supplication of Focus I Duration increased to 30sec.
Aether's Hold IV
Magic Fist III
Arcane Thunderbolt IV ~ V
Glacial Shard III ~ IV
Soul Freeze III
Flame Spray VI
Flame Polearm I
MP consumption decreased.
Spiritmaster Backdraft I ~ II Cooldown decreased from 2min to 1min.
MP regeneration increased.
Fear I Speed reduction effect has been added.
Cleric Immortal Shroud I Cooldown decreased from 10min to 5min.
Chain of Suffering I ~ VII Can now be used on monsters.
Chanter Binding Word I Cooldown decreased from 45sec to 30sec.
Priority of the skill has been changed.
Magical Acc has been increased.
Magic Recovery I Cooldown decreased from 5min to 3min.
Gunner Escape I Cooldown decreased from 3min to 1min 30sec.
Repeated Rapid Fire I ~ V
Heavy Bullet I
Rapid Volley I ~ VII
Damage against Balaurs has been increased.
Aethertech Flame Jet I ~ III Can be used while moving.
Two-handed Strike I ~ V
Flame of Destruction I
Wave of Destruction I ~ VI
Strike I ~ V
Light Attack I
Strong Attack I
Damage against Balaurs has been increased.
Bard Snowflower Melody I HP and MP now recovers instantly.
Variation of Peace I ~ VII Cooldown decreased from 1min 30sec to 1min.
Max charge level decreased from 3 to 2.
Effect of Charge level 2 changed to match the effect of the level 3.
Charge level 2 restores MP of up to 6 people in a 25m radius.

Other Changes

1. The way Magic Resist is calculated has been changed.

2. An issue with spirits disappearing after exiting some of the instances has been fixed.


4.7 Invasion Update
01f5d8333b2cfb3f8c81cd64.png Environment Kaldor and Akaron have been added.
4152039343eb5626d71208ad.png Endless Battle Server battles have been added. Constant battles are still under evaluation and are subject to change
A547f8d0676f953525ff7ae8.png Instances Runatorium and Baruna Research Laboratory have been added. Multiple changes to existing instances.
38747f0a07c5fca3a02ce411.png Beritra's Invasion Beritra's invasion army just got a lot bigger.
Fb3f5eb65fd8692b6f1e3106.png Warfare New forts have been added and new systems associated with them.
F15e01dc46b1f57517265f8e.png Items Equipment Evolution System has been added. Variety of new items have been added including new Abyss ones.
3b22debb826117aa2ae88ba5.png NPC Gelkmaros/Inggison Governors have been changed. Adjustments in existing instances.
5dded11d2689817e655a24c7.png Quests New missins have been added, existing ones were made easier to complete. Auto Complete Feature.
3d8986048ccb585eeb96fd60.png UI Atreia Pass, Transaction Information Window and other convenient features like Favourite Instance have been added.
Bc7a74ba28fdecceda0f5d10.png Honour Points Variety of new ways to gather Honour Points have been added.
3ccb3278ecd760ab8b241cab.png Characters Skill adjustments.
Fedf210a9bc133266eadf521.png Growth Levelling process has been reorganized.