KR - Update July 16th 2014

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New Abyss Items and extended Evolution tree!

Update on July 16th introduced new Abyss items and extended the evolution tree.

Players can now evolve abyss items of levels 30~65. To upgrade item below level 65 you will need to pay a slightly lower price.

Abyss Items Evolution Tree

1. New Abyss items have been allowed to evolve. - The new Evolution tree is as follows.

Tree english.png

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New Abyss Items

1. New Abyss equipment items have been added.

- New items are available for Soldiers, Rank 1.

- New abyss items have the same attributes as exiting items but can be used by Soldiers, Rank 1.

Set Name Type Features
Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set Weapon
- Same performance as Special Unit(Operations Soldiers) Set.

- You can Augment your items as any rank but you need to be a Soldier, Rank 1 to wear them.

- Lower rank restriction with higher purchase cost.

(Master)Executor Commander's Holy Set Weapon
- Same performance as Special Ops(Task Force) Commander's Set.

- You can Augment your items as any rank but you need to be a Soldier, Rank 1 to wear them.

- Lower rank restriction with higher purchase cost.

- Extendable weapons are no part of this set.

- NPCs selling new Abyss item have been placed in the Hall of Fame and Temple of Honour.


Elyos Equipment Merchants


Asmodian Equipment Merchants


1. Stats of some items displaying incorrectly have been fixed.

2. Issue with some orders sharing cooldow has been fixed.

3. The amount of items that can be bought from the NPC in the Central Akaron Garrion has been adjusted.


1. Issue with [Group] Balaur Weapons updating incorrectly has been fixed.


1. You will now receiving gifts from the Atreia Pass one by one to not cause issues with the inventory.

2. Issue with items appearing disabled after closing Private Warehouse has been fixed.


Invasion Update
New Areas Kaldor

Proud Darock



Akaron's Ancient Monsters

Ceranium Medals

Instances Changes to Existing Instances
Changes to Instance Entrances
New Instances

Baruna Research Laboratory

Heroic Instances
Runadium (heroic)
Rune Shield Tower (heroic)

Characters Skill Changes
Raids Beritra's Invasion
Raging Anoha
Akaron's Ancient Monsters
Fortress Anoha Fortress
Anoha Fortress Quests
Changes to the Existing Forts
Inggison and Gelkmaros Repeatable Quests
Items New Items
Ascended Agent's Set
Kunax Set
Fire Dragon's Set
Level 65 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 55 Beritra Supplies Set
Level 40 Beritra Supplies Set

Crafting Items
Legendary Master's Catalium Set
Jormungand's Special Greater Noble Set
Popoku Set
Deep Sea Chapir Set

Equipment Evolution Items
Enhanced Angry(Enraged) Hyperion's Set
Enhanced Unique Dynatum Set
Enhanced Mad Grendal's Set
Abyss Items
Elite Guardian Governor Set
Guardian Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Elite Archon Governor Set
Archon Special Ops(Task Force) Set
Extendable Abyss Weapons

Abyss Items(with lower rank restrictions)
Guardian Executor Commander's Holy Set
Guardian Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Archon Executor Commander's Holy Set
Archon Master(Special) Executor's Holy Set
Purified Essence
Illusion Godstones
Equipment Evolution System
Evolution of Abyss Items
Eternal Ancient Manastones
Return Scroll
Etc. Honour Points
Quest Auto-Complete Function
Changes to the Levelling Process

Additional Updates

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