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Baruna Research Laboratory



The Baruna Research Laboratory is a top secret Balaur laboratory and was constructed by Tiamat for the purpose of researching inter-dimensional travel. This is where Tiamat developed the technology for stable inter-dimensional travel. Later, Beritra is able to use this technology to open a portal to reach Pangaea.

- Entrance is located next to your faction's camp in Akaron

Name Solo/Group Entry Level Entries Reset Time
Baruna Research Laboratory Solo Level 65 One entry a day Daily 9am

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Runatorium consists of a gigantic circular plaza. Here the members of the 'Rune Tribe' pitted the Id-contaminated creatures against one another in combat for their own enjoyment and amusement. During their search in Runatorium for creatures contaminated with Id, the Beritra troops found a much stronger monster than these contaminated beasts. The Elyos/Asmodians who were on the trail of the Beritra troops also discover the Contaminated Creatures in Runatorium and realise that this represents an important discovery for the Id research. This information cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of the enemy and so the fierce battle in Runatorium is rekindled once more.

- New battlefiled called Runatorium has been added.
- 6 vs 6 battlefiled with 20min time limit. Kill monsters and fight opposite race to ensure your victory.
- Runatorium is only available during certain times of the day.
- When the time is right Instance button will appear in the lower right corner of your screen.

Name Solo/Group Entry Level Entries Entry Time
Runatorium 6 VS 6
(6 people per race)
Level 61 ~ 65 1 entry a day 23:00 ~ 24:00

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Heroic Instances

1. Heroic versions of existing Runadium and Rune Shield Tower have been added.
- Additional entry options to enter Heroic versions have been added.
- You can search, recruit and apply to groups through Group Search Function.
- Heroic versions share cooldwons with regular ones.

Instance</p> Members Entry Level Entries Reset Time
Runadium (Heroic) 6 people Level 65 4 entries a week
Shares entries with Runadium
Wednesday 9am
Rune Shield Tower (Heroic) 6 people Level 65 4 entries a week
Shares entries with Rune Shield Tower
Wednesday 9am

- You can enter Heroic Runadium from Katalam Underground or Kaldor.
- You can enter Heroic Rune Shield Tower from Katalam Underground or Akaron.


Select the Heroic version of the instance


Selec which version you want to apply for


Normal and Heroic versions share the same entry count

2. Difficulty of Runadium and Rune Shield Tower has been adjusted.
- Skill pattern and damage of monsters in Runadium, Runadium (Bonus) and Rune Shield Tower has been changed.
- Amount of monsters in Rune Shield Tower and monster stats have been lowered.
- Probability of obtaining Mythical Items in Rune Shield Tower has been increased.

Changes to Existing Instances

1. Some instances no longer require special items to enter.
- Special Morph Designs are no longer being sold at the 81st Garrison.

Instance Removed Required Item
Katalamize Mysterious Crystal of Katalamize
Runadium ( Runadium (Bonus) ) Mysterious Crystal of Runadium

2. Changes to Instance Entrances.

Instance Before After Changes
Sauro War Depot South Katalam Akaron Entrance moved
Rune Shield Tower
Rune Shield Tower (Heroic)
Katalam Underground Akaron
Runadium (Bonus)
Runadium (Heroic)
Katalam Underground Katalam Underground, Kaldor New entrance added
Katalamize Katalam Underground Katalam Underground, Akaron
Jormungand's Bridge
Jormungand's Bridge (Bonus)
Katalam Underground Katalam Underground, South Katalam
Refuge of the Rune Tribe Katalam Underground Katalam Underground, South Katalam

3. Elyos entrance to the Nochsana Training Camp has been changed.

4. Elyos/Asmdoian entrance to the Adma Stronghold and Theobomos Lab has been moved.

Instance Before After
Adma Stronghold Elyos: Theobomos - Observatory Village
Asmodian: Brusthonin - Adma Stronghold
Elyos: Theobomos - Anangke Excavation Camp
Asmodian: Brusthonin - Edge of Torment
Theobomos Lab Elyos: Theobomos - Theobomos Stronghold
Asmodian: Brusthonin - Baltasar Hill Village

5. Entry quests for some instances have been removed.
- When you reach the minimum level you can enter following instances regardless of the entry quest.

Instance Elyos Quests Asmodian Quests
Kromede's Trial Nightmare in Shining Armour Into the Unknown
Theobomos Lab Project Drakanhammer -
Adma Stronghold - The Secret of Adma Stronghold
Steel Rake Price of Goodwill A Suspicious Call


4.7 Invasion Update
01f5d8333b2cfb3f8c81cd64.png Environment Kaldor and Akaron have been added.
4152039343eb5626d71208ad.png Endless Battle Server battles have been added. Constant battles are still under evaluation and are subject to change
A547f8d0676f953525ff7ae8.png Instances Runatorium and Baruna Research Laboratory have been added. Multiple changes to existing instances.
38747f0a07c5fca3a02ce411.png Beritra's Invasion Beritra's invasion army just got a lot bigger.
Fb3f5eb65fd8692b6f1e3106.png Warfare New forts have been added and new systems associated with them.
F15e01dc46b1f57517265f8e.png Items Equipment Evolution System has been added. Variety of new items have been added including new Abyss ones.
3b22debb826117aa2ae88ba5.png NPC Gelkmaros/Inggison Governors have been changed. Adjustments in existing instances.
5dded11d2689817e655a24c7.png Quests New missins have been added, existing ones were made easier to complete. Auto Complete Feature.
3d8986048ccb585eeb96fd60.png UI Atreia Pass, Transaction Information Window and other convenient features like Favourite Instance have been added.
Bc7a74ba28fdecceda0f5d10.png Honour Points Variety of new ways to gather Honour Points have been added.
3ccb3278ecd760ab8b241cab.png Characters Skill adjustments.
Fedf210a9bc133266eadf521.png Growth Levelling process has been reorganized.