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Instanced Dungeons

1. Rift of Oblivion instanced dungeon has been added.

Lady Siel created the Rift of Oblivion to store and protect the memories of the Ancient High Daeva. Upon entering the Rift, High Daevas become filled with power, and regain full use of their ancient abilities.

However, within the Rift there exists a Shadow of Oblivion, created by Siel herself to safeguard the memories from falling into the hands of the unworthy.

- Entrance to the Rift of Oblivion is located for the Elyos around Kojol Valley Scout Post, Asmodian Nightbloom Forest Scout Post.

- Near the entrance to the Rift of Oblivion, you can find NPCs selling additional items, like an order that lets you enter the dungeon one more time.

Group Level Reset Entries
Solo (1) Level 66 and higher Daily at 9:00 1

2. Grounded will now apply in the Advance unit Assembly Area area of Garden of Knowledge.

3. Dark Spore Road Iron Fences in the Kroban Base will now be protected be a shield that disappears once the previous barricade has been destroyed.

- Destroying the Dark Spore Road Iron Fence will disable the shield on the next barricade.


1. High Daeva can now use Essence Core (Estimas) / Essence Core Solution (Concentrated Estimas).

- Estima can be mounted to the High Daeva and the number of Creativity points will be added deepening on the strengthening level.

- To equip an Estima, open the Profile window (P). The number of available slots depends on the character's level.


Estima details under the Character Profile


There are 3 Estima slots

※ Existing High Daevas will automatically unlock Estima slots depending on their level.

- Estima can be obtained by combining material items through Magical Crafting (Skill level 60 and higher).

- Material items can be purchased from Magical Crafting NPCs in Esterra/Nosra.

- Estimas can be enhanced [Strengthening/Modification - Estima Strengthening] with Essence Core Solution or Omega Enchantment Stone.

- However, a mounted Estima cannot be enchanted.

- Concentrated Estima can be dropped from some bosses in High Daeva instances listed below.

Instanced Dungeons
Adma Ruins Arkhal's Hidden Space Library of Knowledge
Elemental Lord's Laboratory Kroban Base Garden of Knowledge

Level +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Creativity 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 17

Related> Estima System

2. Golden Star can now be charged automatically.

- Click on the Golden Star icon to enable/disable automatic charging.

Enable Disable
320160429161924.png 220160429161919.png

- Golden Start item will be automatically used when the remaining Golden Star charge drops below 4%.

3. Features of some Mounts have been changed.

- Mounts can now be stored in the private warehouse.

- You can now possess multiple copies of the same mount.

4. Vital Recovery Potion can now be used by all Daevas/High Daevas.


1. Payment instructions have been added to the bottom of the Lucky Dice window.

2. When an Aethertech is riding a Mech the distance would show incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.


1. 'Rift of Oblivion' quests have been added.

- Available High Daeva quests are as follows.

Race Quest Start
Elyos Automatically starts for levels 66
Automatically starts after entering the instance
Asmodian Automatically starts for levels 66
Automatically starts after entering the instance

2. Magical Morph related quests have been added.

Race Level Quest NPC
Elyos Level 66+ Pellen
Asmodian Level 66+ Edorin

3. You can now dispose quest related items from before the 'Invasion' Update.

- Since the 5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory update you can discard unusable item through a window and receive Kinah as compensation.


1. You will now be able to acquire experience from monsters in the Ashunatal Dredgion instance.

2. Level of the Special Operations Unit in Esterra and Nosra has been changed.


1. When attacked during mount sprint, the flight time would continue to be consumed even after being dismounted. This issue has been fixed.


1. An issue that caused screen flickering in the character selection/creation window for some graphics cards has been fixed.


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory
Dungeons · Battlefields Garden of Knowledge

Kroban Base

Rift of Oblivion


Runatorium Ruins

Balaur Marching Route
Ashunatal Dredgion
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General Items Magical Crafting

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Estima System

Lord's Bracelet


Valor Insignia

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New items Apollon's Set

Furious Apollon's Set
Steadfast Apollon's Set
Noble Apollon's Set
Wise Apollon's Set
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Kroban's Set
Crucible Conqueror's Holy Set
Rune Warrior's Holy Accessories


Epis' Noble Set
Majika's Noble Durable Set
Majika's Noble Set
Kaelis' Noble Durable Set
Kaelis' Noble Set


Appearance Items

Prim Arena Instructor's Pigtails

Prim Arena Instructor's Townwear

Quest · Environment Esterra Missions

Nosra Missions

Rookie Server Expansion


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