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Magical Crafting is a new crafting system designed for High Daevas, and implemented with the 5.1 Update.

The best features of the Magical Crafting may be the fact that you can craft items anywhere you are and the probability of creating an item is always 100%.

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Magical Crafting is a manufacturing method dedicated for High Daevas. It can be used anywhere, and at any given time.

Weapons, Armors, Accessories, and other items can be created using this system.

● Most designs will be unlocked automatically when you reach required skill level.

● You can open the Magical Crafting window by pressing [Shift+P] or [Skills – Action/Function – Craft – Magical Crafting].

● The Magical Crafting window has a search and category classification feature that makes it easy to find items to create.

■ Magical Crafting Combo and Skill Points

1. You can create better items through Combo, which works the same way as before.

2. Magical Crafting has a 100% success rate.

3. You can only create items according to your current Skill level.

4. When you create an item, you will receive XP and production skill points.

■ Magical Crafting Materials

1. Materials for the Magical Crafting can be looted from monsters in many regions, bosses certain instances, and bought from Magical Crafting Merchants.



Function Description
① Skill points Skill level of the Magical Crafting.
② Search Use the search function to look for a desired design.
③ Categories All items are categorized in the broker-like way.
④ Production List List of available items according to the search result and selected category.
⑤ Result and Materials Production result, and necessary materials. At the bottom, you can find the Craft button.

Related Designs

Following are art designs of the new Mythical items created through Magical Crafting.


Cloth Set


Leather Set


Chain Set


Plate Set


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory
Dungeons · Battlefields Garden of Knowledge

Kroban Base

Rift of Oblivion


Runatorium Ruins

Balaur Marching Route
Ashunatal Dredgion
Battlefield · Arena Time Table


General Items Magical Crafting

Magical Morph

Estima System

Lord's Bracelet


Valor Insignia

Simplified Potions


New items Apollon's Set

Furious Apollon's Set
Steadfast Apollon's Set
Noble Apollon's Set
Wise Apollon's Set
Top Apollon's Accessories


Kroban's Set
Crucible Conqueror's Holy Set
Rune Warrior's Holy Accessories


Epis' Noble Set
Majika's Noble Durable Set
Majika's Noble Set
Kaelis' Noble Durable Set
Kaelis' Noble Set


Appearance Items

Prim Arena Instructor's Pigtails

Prim Arena Instructor's Townwear

Quest · Environment Esterra Missions

Nosra Missions

Rookie Server Expansion


Additional Updates KR - Update March 30th 2016

KR - Update April 6th 2016

KR - Update April 14th 2016

KR - Update April 20th 2016

KR - Update May 4th 2016

KR - Update May 18th 2016

KR - Update June 8th 2016