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New Items

1. New compensation for the High Daeva Arenas (66-75) has been added.

2. 'Garden of Knowledge Accessory Reinforcement' has been added to Esterra / Nosra.

- Accessories can be strengthen with items obtainable in the Garden of Knowledge.

Elyos Asmodian
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3. New Garden of Knowledge equipment has been added. Materials necessary to enhance the items can be found in the instance.

- Just like Library Set, there is one base set and 4 enhanced series. Items can be strengthen in Esterra / Nosra.

Base Garden of Knowledge Set Enhanced Garden of Knowledge Sets
Apollon's Set Enraged Apollon's Set

Firm Apollon's Set

Noble Apollon's Set

Smart Apollon's Set

Top Apollon's Accessories

Skill Buff Reassignment

1. Skill Buff Reassignment ability has been added.

- 'Skill Buff Reassignment' can be found in the Reinforcement/Remodel Window, from there proceed to the Skill Buff Reassignment.

- When Skill Buff Reassignment is available you will see '(Reassignment available)' in the item's tooltip. Item where Reassignment of Skill Buff is not possible will have a '(Reassignment impossible)' in it's tooltip.

Related> Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

Recommended Level Reduction

1. An item can now be used to lower another item's recommended level.

- You can lower item's recommended level by opening the Strengthening/Modification Window and clicking on the 'Recommended Level Reduction' tab.

- This function can only be used on items with a recommended level, each item has a maximum possible level reduction.

- If the recommended level has been reduced to the maximum value, you will no longer be able to use this function.

- Recommended Level Reduction item is expected to be released later on.

Simplified Potions

1. Potion items have been simplified.

- Throughout the game, you will now only receive recovery potions and serums.

- Life/Mana potions will be exchanged for new recovery potions.

- Life/Mana potions, designs in possession of players will be exchanged for recovery items and designs.

- Life/Mana potions will be removed from crafting and morphing lists.

Other Changes

1. Master Crafter: The final product to be crafted has been charged to Magic Diogenite Bundle.

- Magic Diogenite Bundle can be disassembled and contains 5 Diogenites.

2. Materials necessary to produce Vital Recovery Potion have been changed.

3. Odds of Illusion Godstone being destroyed have been changed.

4. Drop of some bosses that appear in Esterra and Nosra has been changed.

5. Issue with some items displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

6. Issue with stats of some item from the Sunset Set being too high has been fixed.

7. Issue with Akaron monsters not dropping Aetheric Field Fragment has been fixed.


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory

Instanced Dungeons

Garden of Knowledge and Kroban Base instances have been added.


High Daeva Battlefields such as new Dredgion have been added. New Insignias for High Daevas competing in the Arena have been added.


New missions that go deeper into the High Daeva's story have been added. Also, check new field and instance quests.


New merchants selling items in exchange for Valor Insignia(s) have been added. Organization of merchants in the Crucible Coliseum lobby has been changed.


Various new items, Skill Buff Reassignment and Recommended Level Reduction systems have been added.


High Daeva dedicated crafting, Magical Crafting, has been added. This system allows High Daevas to produce items anywhere they are.


Rookie Server can now be used up to level 65. Buffs will now show in a different order, environment has been improved and other changes have been applied.