KR - Update March 30th 2016

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. Monster patterns and the way you proceed in the Garden of Knowledge have been changed

2. High Daevas will now regenerate Energy of Repose when logged off

3. Potion Bundles have been added to Alchemy

Instanced Dungeons

1. 'Enhanced Awareness' debuff will no longer be removed when you move to the starting point of the Garden of Knowledge.

2. The battle pattern of some monsters in the Garden of Knowledge has been changed.

3. The issue with Jotuns that appear while fighting the final boss in the Garden of Knowledge not removing the 'Enhanced Awareness' debuff has been fixed.

4. The way teleporting devices in the Garden of Knowledge work has been changed.

5. The issue with 'Artifact Overlord Kroban' appearing abnormally in the Kroban Base Instance has been fixed.

6. Summoning Ticket that you can use in the Fire Temple of Memories instance will now work differently.

Before After
Summoning Ticket transforms a player Summoning Ticket summons a transforming NPC

7. The final boss in Rentus Base, Lost Rentus Base will no longer appear unless a player passes through the open gate.

8. The issue with 'Valley of Aether' in the Crucible Coliseum's Arena of Cooperation/Training Camp of Cooperation, Training Arena of Unity dealing low damage has been fixed.


1. The title of NPCs responsible for enhancing Maze/Apollon items has been changed from 'Enhanced Maze Equipment' to 'Enhanced Equipment Company'.

2. Issues with Fallen Sea Jotun's skills not working properly in the Garden of Knowledge have been fixed.

3. The battle pattern of Locked door to the Vile Library in the Garden of Knowledge has been changed.

4. NPCs related to Special Operations have been placed in Esterra, Nosra.

Race Location NPC
Elyos Astra

Ariel's Crucible Sanctuary

Hero <Radiant Ops Recruiter>

Epigonus <Radiant Ops Steward>

Ameino <Radiant Ops Agent>

Asmodian Nosra

Azphel's Crucible Temple

Siente <Blood Crusade Commander>

Mallankat <Blood Crusade Steward>

Keller <Blood Crusade Agent>


1. Pashid's Horn and Pashid's Claw will no longer be usable.

- You can no longer obtain these items.

- These items can now be disposed or sold for Kinah.

2. Potion Bundles can now be crafted using Alchemy.

- New designs can be purchased from merchants in the capitol or the housing area.

Race Location NPC
Elyos Sanctum Usiros <Design Merchant>

Darius <Alchemy Supplies>

Oriel Kess <Design Merchant>

Hemes <Alchemy Supplies>

Asmodian Pandaemonium Alran <Design Merchant>

Gelmiro <Alchemy Supplies>

Pernon Benthe <Design Merchant>

Grad <Alchemy Supplies>

3. Quantity of materials required in Magical Crafting has been changed.

4. Golden Narki's Egg and Golden Karki's Egg obtainable from the Magical Crafting can now be traded.

5. Magical Crafting materials will now stack up to 10,000 each.

6. Old Noble's Hat obtainable from Magical Crafting can now only be used by players level 66 and higher.

7. New potions can now be purchased from NPCs in Kaisinel Academy/Marchutan Priory.

Race NPC
Elyos Iriana
Asmodian Kratyr

8. Some Magical Crafting materials will now drop in Kroban Base.

9. Different potions will now be given to newly created characters.

- Instead of elixirs you will now receive recovery potions.

10. Appearance of some items has been changed.


1. The issue with characters not being able to use skill development has been fixed.

2. High Daevas level 66 or higher will now regenerate Energy of Repose when logged off.

3. You will no longer be able to recover 'Light of Repose' in following areas.

Race Area
Elyos Oriel


Refuge of Returnees

Asmodian Pernon


Refuge of Returnees

4. Characters will now output an effect when using Magical Crafting.


1. New Special Operations quests acceptable by players level 66 and higher have been added.

Race Quest Start
When registered to a Special Operations organization

2. Special Operations quests for players level 61 and higher can now only be accepted within certain level range.

Race Quest Start
Can be accepted by players level 61 ~ 65


1. The issue with "GM Airis' Flame" dealing less damage by lower level character in the Fire Temple of Memories has been fixed.


1. The issue with Growth Aura compensation being different in the quest details from the actually amount you receives has been fixed.

2. The issue with the delay between Creativity resets being longer than 5sec has been fixed..

3. War of Fog has been added to some parts of Altgard's map.


1. Inggison map ha been changed to make it easier for players to see possible routes to the Taloc's Hollow.

2. Inggison's terrain around Taloc's Hollow has been modified.


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory
Dungeons · Battlefields Garden of Knowledge

Kroban Base

Rift of Oblivion


Runatorium Ruins

Balaur Marching Route
Ashunatal Dredgion
Battlefield · Arena Time Table


General Items Magical Crafting

Magical Morph

Estima System

Lord's Bracelet


Valor Insignia

Simplified Potions


New items Apollon's Set

Furious Apollon's Set
Steadfast Apollon's Set
Noble Apollon's Set
Wise Apollon's Set
Top Apollon's Accessories


Kroban's Set
Crucible Conqueror's Holy Set
Rune Warrior's Holy Accessories


Epis' Noble Set
Majika's Noble Durable Set
Majika's Noble Set
Kaelis' Noble Durable Set
Kaelis' Noble Set


Appearance Items

Prim Arena Instructor's Pigtails

Prim Arena Instructor's Townwear

Quest · Environment Esterra Missions

Nosra Missions

Rookie Server Expansion


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