KR - Update May 18th 2016

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1. Lord's Bracelet item has been added.

- Lord's Bracelet is a new type of equipment item you can mount into a new slot.

- Lord's Bracelet can be purchased in each capitol and its features are as follows.

Race Item Area Merchant NPC
Elyos Marchutan's Bracelet Sanctum Penna
<Modified Feathers of the Lord>
Asmodian Kaisinel's Bracelet Pandaemonium Peja
<Modified Feathers of the Lord>

- Lord's Bracelet increases basic PVP defense, when successfully upgraded with Upgrade Serums, the bonus defense will increase.

- After +6, your PVP Attack will increase as well. The maximum Upgrade level is +10.

- Depending on the Lord Bracelet's level, a number of Manastone slots will be added and the item will change its appearance.

Upgrade Level Manastone Slots External Effect
Basic None 3 120160516150008.png
Level 5 1 slot 3 220160516150011.png
Level 7 1 additional slot (2) ---
Level 10 1 additional slot (3) 3 320160516150015.png

※ You can use Manastones level 80 and higher. (High Daeva Manastones are excluded)

※ If the upgrade process fails, slotted Manastones and the appearance will disappear.

Upgrade Level Bonuses
+0 PVP Defence +0.3%
+1 PVP Defence +0.6%
+2 PVP Defence +1.0%
+3 PVP Defence +1.4%
+4 PVP Defence +1.9%
+5 PVP Defence +2.4%
+6 PVP Defence +3.0%

PVP Attack +0.5%

+7 PVP Defence +3.6%

PVP Attack +0.5%

+8 PVP Defence +4.3%

PVP Attack +1.0%

+9 PVP Defence +5.1%

PVP Attack +1.5%

+10 PVP Defence +6.0%

PVP Attack +2.0%

2. 'Secret of the Craft Association' buff toolip will now mention the Magical Crafting.

3. An issue with +15/+20 enchanting effect displaying incorrectly for the Lannok's Weapons has been fixed.


1. Lord's Bracelet mounting slot has been added to the Character Information - Profile Tab.

- Because of the Lord's Bracelet slot, Lord's Feather slot has been moved as follows.

Character Information Details
120160516150004.png 1. Lord's Bracelet slot has been added.

2. Lord's Feather slot has been moved

2. [Bracelet] section has been added to the broker.

- [Broker – All – Accessory – Bracelet].

3. A separate icon will now be displayed when a 1:1 petition requires an authentication.

- Clicking on the (420160516150354.png) will open contact details page.

4. An issue with purchase history not always working has been fixed.


1. 'PC방 접속 혜택 II' has been added.

- When you connect to the game from a PC room between Friday 21:00 and Monday 9:00 you will receive a 'PC방 접속 혜택 II' buff.

- It will increase your AP gain from hunting monsters and Battlefields by 30%.

- Does not apply to actions like selling items/completing quests/special hunting/using AP hammers.

Instanced Dungeons

1. You will now receive experience points for winning/losing/drawing in the Balaur Marching Route, Runatorium Ruins.

2. The number of Honour Points you receive from killing the final boss in Ashunatal Dredgion has been changed from 100 to 180.

3. Time requirements for a D rank in the Rift of Oblivion has been changed from 30min to 29min.

4. After using a cannon in Rune Shield Tower, Rune Shield Tower (Heroic) sometimes the 'Escape' skill would not work. This issue has been resolved.


1. Additional information has been added to the Transformation buff's tooltip.


1. Name/title/appearance of teleportation devices in each Elyos/Asmodian region have been changed.

2. An issue with some Esterra monsters re-appearing after 2h has been fixed.


1. Terrain in the Kromede's Trial instance has been modified.

2. Terrain in the Rift of Oblivion instance has been modified.

3. Issues with Akaron's background sometimes being cut have been fixed.


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory
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Rift of Oblivion


Runatorium Ruins

Balaur Marching Route
Ashunatal Dredgion
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Lord's Bracelet


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