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- Available for level 66 and higher
- Group (6)
- 4 entries a week (Wed 9:00)
- Entrance inside the Tower of Eternity or Library of Knowledge
- Server-Wide Recruitment available


- Level 70-75 monsters
- Various progression routes


- Apollon's Set
- Materials for equipment enhancing
- 4 types of top equipment based on used materials
- Appearance items, Godstones, Socketting Aids, Primary Manastones




2 entries a week (Wed 9:00)



Garden of Knowledge, new instance on the 2nd floor of the Tower of Eternity!

Garden of Knowledge is a new High Daeva instance added in the 5.1 Update.

Garden of Knowledge can be accessed through a 'Memory Crack' that appears when the final boss in the Library of Knowledge has been defeated, or directly from the Artifact of Knowledge area after completing certain quests. The dungeon has the highest level of difficulty, and the way you proceed in the instance is up to you.

The compensation depends on the selected route.

Background Story

The Garden of Knowledge is an ancient lookout previously used to watch over Atreia. Long abandoned, a malevolent serpent named Piton has taken up residence in this garden. As High Daevas explored the Library of Knowledge in Esterra and Nosra, a passage was discovered to the Garden.

Your mission is to rescue a missing agent and purify the Garden of Knowledge by eliminating Piton and his corruption.


Garden of Knowledge can be accessed through a "Memory Crack" in the Artifcat of Knowledge area inside the Tower of Eternity or in the Library of Knowledge instance.

Entrance Conditions
Library of Knowledge Enter through a "Memory Crack" that appears when the final boss has been deafeted.
2nd floor of the Tower of Eternity A direct entrance becomes available after completing the Library of Knowledge mission.


Memory Crack in the Library ofKnowledge


Direct entrance inside the Tower of Eternity



The Garden of Knowledge


Choose your path to the Garden's roots


A look inside the contaminated area of the Garden


The final boss in the Garden of Knowledge


Garden of Knowledge
Garden main.png


Main information about the instance.
Garden npc.png


List of all NPCs that can be found inside the instance.
Garden drop.png


Check what items you can find in the Garden of Knowledge.
Garden quest.png


Information on available quests.

5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory
Dungeons · Battlefields Garden of Knowledge

Kroban Base

Rift of Oblivion


Runatorium Ruins

Balaur Marching Route
Ashunatal Dredgion
Battlefield · Arena Time Table


General Items Magical Crafting

Magical Morph

Estima System

Lord's Bracelet


Valor Insignia

Simplified Potions


New items Apollon's Set

Furious Apollon's Set
Steadfast Apollon's Set
Noble Apollon's Set
Wise Apollon's Set
Top Apollon's Accessories


Kroban's Set
Crucible Conqueror's Holy Set
Rune Warrior's Holy Accessories


Epis' Noble Set
Majika's Noble Durable Set
Majika's Noble Set
Kaelis' Noble Durable Set
Kaelis' Noble Set


Appearance Items

Prim Arena Instructor's Pigtails

Prim Arena Instructor's Townwear

Quest · Environment Esterra Missions

Nosra Missions

Rookie Server Expansion


Additional Updates KR - Update March 30th 2016

KR - Update April 6th 2016

KR - Update April 14th 2016

KR - Update April 20th 2016

KR - Update May 4th 2016

KR - Update May 18th 2016

KR - Update June 8th 2016