KR - Update August 5th 2015

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. New Violent Mission's items purchasable with Blood Medal have been added.

2. New set accessories obtainable in Hidden War Fortresses have been added.

3. Upper Abyss Emergency Command quests can now be completed in an Alliance.

4. Accessory Upgrading limits have been removed.

5. Steel Rake, Steel Rake Cabin entrance have been moved.


1. Maximum Upgrade level for Accessories has been increased.

- Maximum Upgrade level for Accessories has been increased from 7 to unlimited. (Headgear, Necklace, Earrings, Ring, Belt)

2. Probability of Upgrading Accessories has been slightly increased.

3. Upgrade bonuses have been increased.

- Headgear, Necklace, Earrings bonuses (PvP Damage) are as follows.

Division Before After
Upgrade + 0 ~ 1 0.2% 0.5%
Upgrade + 1 ~ 4 0.5% 0.5%
Upgrade and above +5 0.8% 0.5%

- Ring, Belt bonuses (PvP Defence) are as follows.

Division Before After
Upgrade + 0 ~ 1 0.3% 0.7%
Upgrade + 1 ~ 4 0.6% 0.7%
Upgrade and above +5 1% 0.7%

4. Effect on Upgradable Weapons and Shields has been changed.

Upgrade between +5 ~ 9 Upgrade +10 and above
30d4edad1b3c0deac457e8ed.png 0a24fae514267db6a73b70db.png

5. For every Upgrade level beyond +10 item's wrapping count will increase by 1.

6. Accessories of the 36th Legion have been added.
- 36th Legion Accessories can be obtained when your Stronghold reaches at least level 6 and you have access to the Hidden War Fortresses from the ‘Ancient Treasure Chests’ and additional quests.
- 36th Legion Accessories have set effect with hidden bonuses when all parts are equipped.

■ Obtainable from Instanced Dungeons

Instance Dungeons New Rewards (Obtainable by chance)
Hidden Kysis War Fortress

(Accessible when Kysis Fortress is being occupied and Stronghold level is at least 6)

Ereshkigal Legion Red Beryl Necklace
Ereshkigal Legion Turquoise Necklace
Hidden Krotan War Fortress

(Accessible when Krotan Fortress is being occupied and Stronghold level is at least 6)

Ereshkigal Legion Red Beryl Earrings
Ereshkigal Legion Turquoise Earrings
Hidden Miren War Fortress

(Accessible when Miren Fortress is being occupied and Stronghold level is at least 6)

Ereshkigal Legion Red Beryl Ring
Ereshkigal Legion Turquoise Ring

■ Obtainable from Quests

- Collect 10 items in the Upper Abyss Fortresses and exchange them for the ‘Belt of the 36th Legion’.

Quest Reward

Ereshkigal Legion Belt
Ereshkigal Legion Sash - Select 1

7. New Violent Mission's items have been added.
- Can be purchased with Blood Mark, Blood Medal.
- Can also be obtained by Evolving Strife items.

Elyos Exchange NPC Asmodian Exchange NPC
Achilios Ludwing

8. Battle-instance related items are now indestructible.

9. Some instance items that could not be traded or stored in the character warehouse have been changed.
- Related Instances: Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield, Krotan War Fortress, Hidden Krotan War Fortress, Kysis War Fortress, Hidden Kysis War Fortress, Miren War Fortress, Hidden Miren War Fortress

10. Issue with duplicated crafting materials has been fixed.

11. Issue with some items displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

Instanced Dungeons

1. Steel Rake, Steel Rake Cabin related NPCs have been moved
- Steel Rake, Steel Rake Cabin related quests can be acquired/completed through NPCs in the new location.
- Entrance has been moved to Heiron and Beluslan.

Division Before After
General Server Elyos: Sanctum

Asmodian: Pandaemonium

Elyos: Heiron Area
Asmodian: Beluslan Area
Rookie Server Elyos: New Heiron Gate
Asmodian: Beluslan Fortress


Elyos Entrance


Asmodian Entrance

2. Issue with additional boss monsters not disappearing after re-entering Sauro War Depot, Runadium has been fixed.

3. Issue with some skills not being usable in the Aturam Sky Fortress has been fixed.


1. Names of Upper Abyss Artefacts have been changed.

Before After
Hellfire Array 56th Garrison – Hellfire Array
Flames of the Abyss 57th Garrison – Flames of the Abyss
58th Garrison – Flames of the Abyss
59th Garrison – Flames of the Abyss

2. Upper Abyss 거점 시설물에 ‘탈환의 보호막’, ‘수호 성상의 보호’ 효과가 있는 상태에서 마법 스킬의 도트 대미지가 적용되는 현상을 수정하였습니다.

3. Issue with some awkwardly placed Upper Abyss Garrison NPCs has been fixed.

4. Some Abyss NPCs can now be located.

5. Range of Artefacts and Garrisons in the Upper Abyss has been changed.


1. Thronesong's tooltip has been change to reflect the skill development.

2. Fixed an issue where characters were not taking falling damage.

3. FX effect of the ‘Glory: Shield’ has been changed.


1. Upper Abyss Emergency Command quests can now be completed in an Alliance

Elyos Quests Asmodian Quests

2. Progress information in the Speaking Balaur, Fragment of Memory 2 Elyos Quests have been corrected.

3. Some typos have been fixed.


1. Important information concerning the game will now prompt an Important Message Button/Window.

Important Message Button Important Message Window
D79f27c1003691d893bfa077.png D60e05cabc9b9d4ec8681bbd.png

2. Issue with UI size and and Style [Options – User Interface] not maintaining after re-connecting or moving between servers has been fixed.


1. Issue with Conqueror · Protector benefits not always applying has been fixed.

2. Issue with chat displaying in opposite race's language after moving between servers has been fixed.


1. Issue with not being able to place Kisks in Kaldor's neutral zones has been fixed.


Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 2 - Typhoon Abyss Update
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Elyos Stronghold: Magos
Asmodian Stronghold: Tokanu
Abyss Stronghold Reinforcement System
Upper Abyss Garrisons
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Lower Abyss Named Monsters
Items Level 65 Daevanion Set
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Evolved Marchutan's Protector Set

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