KR - Update August 19th 2015

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Update Cheat Sheet

1. Level 8 Stronghold now adds 2 entries to the Steel Wall Bastion
2. Instance difficulty
3. Correction of quest errors


1. Level 8 Stronghold will now give 2 weekly entries to the Steel Wall Bastion instead of one.

2. Change the arriving position of Gelkmaros/Ingisson portals that appear when Magos, Tokanu Strongholds are at least level 3.

3. Range of Upper Abyss Stronghold reinforcement/weakening related messages has been fixed.

4. Range of messages appearing when an Upper Abyss Stronghold object has been attacked has been changed.

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1. Instance difficulty has been added to the UI.
- Calculated value reflects current Aion status.
- Red for instances below 65 / Light blue for level 65 instances.


2. Quickbar identification feature has been added.
- When you click on the skill in the Skill Window a special effect will be displayed on the said skill on the quickbar.
- 단축키 사용 시 퀵바 슬롯에 눌림 효과를 추가하였습니다.

3. Issue with the Waiting for an Instance window outputting incorrect text has been fixed

4. Message about remaining time of N-Shop buffs when connecting to the game has been changed.

5. Message when connecting to a long unsued account has been changed.


1. Skillbooks can no longer be traded, stored in Account or Legion Warehouse.

Instanced Dungeons

1. Name of some Keys obtainable in instances have been changed.
- Affected Instances: Krotan War Fortress (Hidden Krotan War Fortress), Kysis War Fortress (Hidden Kysis War Fortress), Miren War Fortress (Hidden Miren War Fortress)


1. Issue with Hit Mantra registered in a Macro not being used has been fixed.


1. Issue with Water Samples not being collectible in the Sauro War Depot for the Level 65 Daevanion Quests (Elyos , Asmodian ) has been fixed.

2. Issue with Asmodian mission not progressing further after obtaining ‘Roah Stone Tile’ has been fixed.

3. Issue with Elyos Quest not progressing further after obtaining Cell of RM-114c has been fixed.

4. 천족 미션 쾌속 질주 진행 중 실종된 아이테르를 찾는 부분에서 더 이상 진행이 불가능한 현상을 수정하였습니다.

5. Elyos Balic recipe related quest has been changed.

Lv Quest Name Rewards

XP 1,665,056

Kinah 125,280

Abyss Points 100

6. Issie with some Asmodian Steel Rake related quests not being completable has been fixed.

7. Fixed an issue where some gathering quests required [Frozen] materials to be completed.

8. Some Dictionary links related to Abyss have been fixed.

9. 일부 퀘스트에서 티그라키 섬/검은 구름의 섬 내에 위치한 NPC가 출력되지 않는 현상을 수정했습니다.


1. Report Auto Hunting function can now be used in Sanctum, Pandaemonium, Abyss.


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