Typhoon Abyss Update - Lower Abyss

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Typhoon Abyss Update, the wind brought many changes to the Abyss.

Archipelago of the Hurricane consisting of 8 islands appear in the Lower Abyss, various features have been adjusted for levels 50.

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Archipelago of the Hurricane

Archipelago of the Hurricane
Surges in the Aion's energy shook the world and made new islands to appear in the Lower Abyss. Elyos and Asmodian Governors were dispatched to patrol each island and discover the secret behind them but Balaur troops got there first which makes it a very important location. Other races can not take control over this region.

Archipelago of the Hurricane has been added to the Lower Abyss.

Archipelago of the Hurricane consists of 8 floating islands and is located in the center of Lower Abyss. Balaurs that appear there are of elite grade, level 46-50, give a lot of XP and AP and drop very good equipment items.


Archipelago of the Hurricane appeared in the center of
Lower Abyss


Archipelago consists of 4 big and 4 small islands


Elite, level 50 and below Balaurs appear there

Upper Abyss Monsters

Monsters that have been appearing in the Upper Abyss have been moved to the Lower Abyss.

Menotios and Flame Tear Brerkun have been transferred.


Menotios' Fragment of Rage has been moved to Lower Abyss

Abyss Secret Warehouse

Level 40 instances from Upper Abyss have been transformed into warehouses and can be accessed from Lower Abyss.

5 warehouses can only be accessed on specific days of the week.

Instance Dungeon Original Name Entry Conditions Level · Group Number of Entries
Isle of Roots Storeroom Isle of Roots Storeroom Monday, Thursday, Sunday9:00am, for next 24h 40+ · Group 1 entry a day(Reset at 9:00am)
Grave of Steel Storeroom Grave of Steel Storeroom Tuesday, Friday, Sunday9:00am, for next 24h
Armory Twilight Battlefield Storeroom Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday9:00am, for next 24h
Carpus Isle Storeroom Carpus Isle Storeroom Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday9:00am, for next 24h
Hamate Isle Storeroom Hamate Isle Storeroom Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday9:00am, for next 24h


Warehouse Entrances


Each warehouse can be accessed on different days


Instance progression hasn't change


You can still select the last bosses difficulty

NPC Adjustments

Lower Abyss Fortress and Artefact related object's level has been increased to 50.

Balaurs appearing to re-capture fortresses will be level 50 as well.


Level of NPCs in fortresses and artefacts has been increased to 50


Lower Abyss protectors are now level 50


Winds of Destiny. Rhapsody 2 - Typhoon Abyss Update


Garrisons have been added to the Upper Abyss, Archipelago of the Hurricane region has been added to the Lower Abyss.
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Instanced Dungeons

Level 40-50 Abyss instances have been moved to the Lower Abyss.
Monsters and rewards in the Level 65 Upper Abyss instances have been changed.

NPC · Monsters

Upper Abyss monsters are now level 65, new boss monsters have been introduced.


Level 65 Daevanion has been added, new Battle Insignias and PVP items have been added.


Inventory expansion has been simplified, profile UI has been adjusted.


some fortresses no longer become vulnerable.
Ereshkigal's Legion is advancing to the Abyss, Lower Abyss Fortresses are not level 50.


Level 65 Daevanion quests have been added, various new quests in the Abyss have been implemented.


Other changes.