KR - Update September 2nd 2015

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Difficulty gets easier as quests rewards get better, Upper Abyss Garrisons!

In September 2nd Update, Garrison monsters have been weakened.

Occupying a Garrison and doing weekly quests is much easier now. In addition, quests rewards are much better. Rune Shield Tower (Heroic) and Runadium (Heroic) no longer share cooldowns with regular versions.

Update Cheat Sheet

1. Difficulty of capturing Upper Abyss Garrisons lowered

2. Rewards for Upper Abyss Garrison quests increased

3. Separation of entries to Rune Shield Tower (Heroic), Runadium (Heroic)

4. Instance Difficulty UI changed


1. Grade of some Upper Abyss Garrison/Artifact monsters has been lowered.


Grade of some Upper Abyss Garrison/Artifact monsters has been
lowered to 'Normal'


Grade of quests NPCs has also been lowered to 'Normal'

Instanced Dungeons

1. Entires to Heroic instances no longer share cooldowns with regular versions.

Instanced Dungeon Entires before Entires after
Rune Shield Tower
Rune Shield Tower (Heroic)
4 entries (Shared) 4 entries
4 entries
Runadium (Heroic)
4 entries (Shared) 4 entries
4 entries

2. 획득한 점수 및 공략 시간에 따라 보상이 설정되어 있는 인스턴스 던전에서 F 등급으로 종료될 경우 해당 인스턴스 던전 내에서 더 이상 플레이 할 수 없도록 변경하였습니다.


1. Description of the 'Chellange Key' to the Territorial Battle will now say it will disappear after 7 days.

2. Price of packages obtainable in Steel Rake, Steel Rake Cabin has been lowered.


1. Rewards for Upper Abyss Garrison quests have been changed.

Quest Changed Rewards
Elyos Blood Mark 6, Blood Medal 1
Blood Mark 4, Blood Medal 1
Asmodian Blood Mark 6, Blood Medal 1
Blood Mark 4, Blood Medal 1

2. Issue with Elyos Important select Quest leading to wrong location has been fixed.

3. Issue monsters not dropping quest items in Elyos quest has been fixed.

4. Issue with Asmodian quest not proceeding has been fixed.

5. Typos in some Quests have been corrected.


1. Issue with Teleport Statue in Kaldor not always moving players to conquered artefacts has been fixed.


1. Difficulty information in the Instance window has been changed.

Before After
- Level 65 instances shown in red

- Less then 65 instances shown in light blue

- Each category had 5 levels of difficulty

- Each instance can have 10 levels of difficulty 2d8d542474ecdd5e3becfbc8.png

2. Issue with Stronghold Benefits displaying in the UI being different then actual benefits received has been fixed.


1. Upper Abyss terrain has been modified.

2. Kaldor terrain has been modified.


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