Rune Shield Tower Accessories

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Since the KR - Update July 29th 2015 new Mythical accessories will drop from Rune Shield Tower.

Players can obtain Necklaces, Rings from Runadium and Belts, Earrings from Rune Shield Tower.

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How to Obtain

- When you succeed in Rune Shield Tower, all party members receive Dynatoum's Equipment Chest.

- You have a chance to acquire Dynatoum's Brazen Accessory Box from the equipment box.

- Open the Accessory box to obtain either a Belt or an Earring.

Level Name Description

65 Dynatoum's Brazen Accessory Box A box containing a Mythic accessory. Double-click to open.

Random Attributes

Rune Shield Tower accessories have random bonuses.

The list below only shows basic values and do not include possible bonuses. Similar accessories can be found here: Sauro War Depot Accessories.


Best possible Earring


The opposite

Item List

Name Physical Def Magic Resist Magic Suppression Secondary Attributes

Brazen Aegis Turquoise Earrings3018190HP +339
Magic Accuracy +55
Magic Crit +15
Physical Crit Resistance +37
Magic Boost +56
Spell Debuff +38
Magic Crit Resistance +9

Brazen Aegis Corundum Earrings3018190HP +339
Accuracy +127
Physical Crit +44
Magic Crit Resistance +11
Weapon Damage +1
Spell Debuff +38
Physical Crit Resistance +31

Name Physical Def Magic Resist Magic Suppression Secondary Attributes

Brazen Aegis Sash2012160HP +227
Magic Accuracy +36
Evasion +35
Block +50
Magic Boost +32
Spell Debuff +25

Brazen Aegis Leather Belt2012160HP +227
Accuracy +83
Parry +57
Block +50
Weapon Damage +16
Spell Debuff +25