A Bloody Battle with Beritra

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Level 999 / Recommended 999
Number of Repeats:

XP 25,849,149

 Skuldon's Idian Support Box 1
  1. Talk with Agent Skuldun in Enshar.

  2. Go to the Shelter of the Empyrean Lords and speak with Marchutan.

  3. Go to the Shriekfang Crown and talk with Grito.

  4. Defeat Lava Protector or Heatvent Protector. ([11]/1)

  5. Talk with Captain Parsia of the Kismeti Detachment.

  6. Defeat Fetid Phantomscorch Chimera who has the Crossroads Choice Key. ([17]/1)

  7. Defeat Rapacious Kadena at the Crossroads of Destiny. ([20]/1)

  8. Defeat Orissan at Splitscale Lair. ([23]/1)

  9. Talk with Marchutan's Agent Aimah.

  10. Equip the Agent's weapon and talk with Aimah again.

  11. Defeat the Commander Virtsha of the Flamesquelch. ([32]/1)

  12. Enter the Entrance to Agony's Well at the Altar Centrium Entrance.

  13. Vanquish Dragon Lord Beritra. ([38]/1)

  14. See Skuldun to go to the Dark Empyrean Shelter and talk with Marchutan.

  15. Talk with Agent Skuldun in Enshar.

  16. Summary:
    Orders: Go to Enshar and meet Skuldun, an Agent of Marchutan.