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A long time ago a journey to learn about one's destiny and regain lost memories has started.

In this journey, there's a hidden truth that could change the fate of Atreia.

A letter of invitation to join this journey has been sent to all level 65 Daeva. Please, check your Mailbox.

High Daeva


High Daeva Portrait

1. The maximum level a player can reach has been increased from 65 to 75.

2. Level 65 character can become a High Daeva through a High Daeva Mission.

- You won't be able to reach level 66 without completing this mission.

- Upon completing the mission, the player will automatically become level 66 regardless of previously earned experience.

- Profile of a High Daeva will change.

3. Regardless of the level difference, experience among High Daevas will be distributed equally.

4. High Daevas can only regain Energy of Repose with the Light of Repose.

- The Energy of Repose will disappear when entering new areas.

- The Energy of Repose can not be recharged by disconnecting or drinking the recovery tea. However, this will be changed later on.

5. High Daevas can not use ‘Energy of Salvation’, ‘PC Room Energy of Repose’.

- Each buff can only be used in following level sections.

Growth Aura

1. Growth Aura has been added.

- Growth Aura increases experience acquired from hunting, gathering and crafting by up to 50%.

- Growth Aura can only be used by High Daevas, and can be acquired from following ways.

Methods of recharging Growth Aura
1. Charges every day during the initial connection

2. There is a chance some field monsters will re-change the Growth Aura (Up to 5 times a day)

3. Charges when completing some quests

4. when acquiring Creativity Points

- Growth Aura can not be charged by more than 100%, Growth Aura will be consumed in proportion to acquired experience.

- After a certain amount of time after disconnecting, remaining Growth Aura will disappear.

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Creativity Points

1. Creativity function has been added.

- High Daevas can obtain Creativity at regular intervals when levelling.

- Obtained Creativity Points can be used to enhance a character, open Creativity Window <SHIFT+U> to enhance skills and unlock transformation abilities. Creativity Points can be reset at any given time.


Character Enhancing

- In case of Character Strengthening, the maximum enchantment level will increase gradually and depends on character's level.

- each primary ability increases following stats.

Primary Stat Related Secondary Attributes
Power Physical Attack, Physical Defence
Health Maximum HP, Natural Healing, Block
Accuracy Crit Strike, Accuracy, Magical Acc
Agility Evasion, Parry, Concentration, Strike Resist
Knowledge Magic Boost, Crit Spell, Magic Suppression
Will Maximum MP, Natural Mana Treatment, Magic Resist, Spell Resist


- Creativity can be used to unlock Fire/Water/Eart/Wind Transformation abilities, when transformed, an additional skill will become available to use.

Strengthening Skills

- Skills can be enchanted up to 5 levels, hover your mouse over a skill icon to learn about it's enchantment level and benefits of strengthening. Additionally, when the character reaches a certain level the number of skill slots will increase.

Resetting Creativity Points

- Creativity Points can be reset with Kinah or special Item, depending on the character's level reset might require up to 100mln Kinah.

- The cumulative amount of Kinah required for a reset will reinitialize every Wednesday.

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1. New items have been added to the Character creation window.

2. Appearance of Asmodian Character mane has been changed.

3. New falling/Flying related sounds have been added.

4. Aethertech Character position when dismounting has been changed.

5. New preview sets have been added to Character creations.

6. Issue with a left-handed weapon displaying incorrectly when using Martial Arts monitions has been fixed.

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High Daeva: Successor of Eternity
065bcc0bb2a62a9b5600d1c3.png Environment Atreia's Ancient Sanctuary that was asleep for thousands of years. New regions, Esterra and Nosra emerge.
D137f985138aaa069d87d804.png Character You can evolve to a High Daeva through a mission. High Daevas can level up to 75 and use Creativity to increase their abilities.
D982ccc540fd09640672fd14.png Instance Dungeons 3 new instances have been added including Library of Knowledge. New dungeons are only available to High Daevas.
45ed9e7b95bae0fe2a6efffd.png Item High Daeva-only Items have been added. High Daevas can used them regardless of the level, some of their features haven't been seen before.
3ab93c59a3b08d3c0e8ac327.png Quest High Daeva Mission in the Library of Knowledge has been added. Various quests in the new regions have been added.
E16eb76f94ff3198ab3d744f.png Skills High Daevas can use Creativity to strengthen their skills and learn transformation abilities.
A142eb424a46e7503b8518f9.png UI Features related to enchanting/remodelling can now be accessed from one window.
9a1665b3428f16e0c753fddf.png Etc Other changes.