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High Daeva Mission

1. High Daeva Missions have been added.

When you log in on a level 65 character for the first time after the update, you will automatically receive 2 missions that after completion will turn you into a High Davea.

- To complete the first mission, an item from your mailbox will be required.

- After completing both missions, levelling beyond 65 becomes available.

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Library of Knowledge Quests

1. Library of Knowledge Instance quests can be started after completing both missions.

- Important quests will be automatically accepted after entering the instance.

■ Important Quests

■ Instance Learning Quests

※ After completing missions you can proceed with repeatable general quests.

Field Quests

1. New regional quests in Esterra / Nosra have been added.

■ Leading Quest

- After completing the above quests, you can acquire general Esterra / Nosra quests.

■ Main Quest

Large-scale Infiltration Quests

1. Quests for the large-scale infiltration into Esterra / Nosra have been added.

Exploration Quests

1. Esterra / Nosra exploration quests have been added.

Named Monster Quests

1. Quests to kill boss monsters that appear at certain times of the day in Esterra / Nosra have been added.

Regional Instance Quests

1. Adma Ruins and Elemental Lord's Laboratory related quests have been added.

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1. Level and rewards for some quests have been changed.

2. Lowered experience for some repeatable quests.

3. The number of repeats of has been changed from 15 to 2.

4. Corrected the way quest level is described in the window.

5. In some quests the number of objectives has been changed.

6. Pre-requisitions for some quests have been changed.


High Daeva: Successor of Eternity
065bcc0bb2a62a9b5600d1c3.png Environment Atreia's Ancient Sanctuary that was asleep for thousands of years. New regions, Esterra and Nosra emerge.
D137f985138aaa069d87d804.png Character You can evolve to a High Daeva through a mission. High Daevas can level up to 75 and use Creativity to increase their abilities.
D982ccc540fd09640672fd14.png Instance Dungeons 3 new instances have been added including Library of Knowledge. New dungeons are only available to High Daevas.
45ed9e7b95bae0fe2a6efffd.png Item High Daeva-only Items have been added. High Daevas can used them regardless of the level, some of their features haven't been seen before.
3ab93c59a3b08d3c0e8ac327.png Quest High Daeva Mission in the Library of Knowledge has been added. Various quests in the new regions have been added.
E16eb76f94ff3198ab3d744f.png Skills High Daevas can use Creativity to strengthen their skills and learn transformation abilities.
A142eb424a46e7503b8518f9.png UI Features related to enchanting/remodelling can now be accessed from one window.
9a1665b3428f16e0c753fddf.png Etc Other changes.