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High Daeva Transformation Skills

1. High Daeva have the ability to learn transformation skills.

- Use Creativity to acquire Wind / Fire / Water / Land properties.

Property Skill Name Effect
Water Transformation: Vessel of Water For 15s recovers 200HP every time you are attacked.
Waterbind Available only during Transformation: Vessel of Water state. Deals 720 water damage to enemies within 15m radius and immobilizes them.
Fire Transformation: Vessel of Fire For 15s every time you attack, expect for aoe attacks, there is a chance up to 6 enemies within 8m radius will suffer damage.
Detonate Available only during Transformation: Vessel of Fire state. Restores 1,000HP, causes explosive damage and teleports the player 15m back wards.
Land Transformation: Vessel of Earth Reduces incoming damage and increases HP and shock resistance for 15s.
Terraform Available only during Transformation: Vessel of Earth state. Removes all debuffs.
Wind Transformation: Vessel of Wind For 15s incrases resistance to movement restricting conditions by 800. Decreases movement speed for 4s of anyone who attacks you.
Mercurial Blast Available only during Transformation: Vessel of Wind state. Teleports your character 15m forward.

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Skill Update

1. Level of summoned spirits rises according to High Daeva's level.

2. Glory: Shield conditions have been changed.

Before 5 Armour pieces + 1 Weapon (or Shield) enchanted to at least +20
After At least 6 items enchanted to at least +20 regardless of the type (Wings, Weapons, Shield or Armour pieces)

3. You will now be able to use non-combat skill while on mount.


High Daeva: Successor of Eternity
065bcc0bb2a62a9b5600d1c3.png Environment Atreia's Ancient Sanctuary that was asleep for thousands of years. New regions, Esterra and Nosra emerge.
D137f985138aaa069d87d804.png Character You can evolve to a High Daeva through a mission. High Daevas can level up to 75 and use Creativity to increase their abilities.
D982ccc540fd09640672fd14.png Instance Dungeons 3 new instances have been added including Library of Knowledge. New dungeons are only available to High Daevas.
45ed9e7b95bae0fe2a6efffd.png Item High Daeva-only Items have been added. High Daevas can used them regardless of the level, some of their features haven't been seen before.
3ab93c59a3b08d3c0e8ac327.png Quest High Daeva Mission in the Library of Knowledge has been added. Various quests in the new regions have been added.
E16eb76f94ff3198ab3d744f.png Skills High Daevas can use Creativity to strengthen their skills and learn transformation abilities.
A142eb424a46e7503b8518f9.png UI Features related to enchanting/remodelling can now be accessed from one window.
9a1665b3428f16e0c753fddf.png Etc Other changes.