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Accuracy (base attribute)

Accuracy is one of the six base attributes assigned to characters based on their class. The Accuracy attribute represents a character’s precision or aim, and affects the character’s ability to hit and/or critically hit an enemy with physical attacks.

Classes like Rangers and Assassins, who tend to rely on physical critical strikes to deal damage, will have more Accuracy than classes like Sorcerers and Spiritmasters, who deal magical damage which is affected by Knowledge.

During character creation, characters are assigned a default value of the Accuracy attribute based on their class. When a character ascends at level 10, their Accuracy attribute can increase or decrease based on their chosen sub-class. However, external to character creation and ascension, the Accuracy attribute cannot be increased or decreased.

Accuracy (normal attribute)

Accuracy is an offensive attribute, and affects a character’s ability to hit targets with physical attacks and skills. While Accuracy shares a name with the base attribute also known as Accuracy, there are some differences between the two attributes. Accuracy as it is described here affects a player’s chance to hit with their currently equipped weapon, and does not affect their Critical Strike chance (unlike the Accuracy base attribute). Characters with higher Accuracy will have a better chance to hit targets with physical attacks and skills.

Classes like Assassins and Gladiators, who rely on physical attacks and skills to inflict damage to their targets, tend to have the most Accuracy, though Rangers, Chanters, and Templars also benefit from more Accuracy.

A high Accuracy attribute is important for classes that inflict both melee and ranged physical damage, in particular when facing enemies of higher level.

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