5.0 Update - UI

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Strengthening Window

1. Added enhancement / modification window.

- Various functions that use items from your inventory will now be handled through enhancement / modification window.

- enhancement / modification window can be accessed by right clicking an item and selecting enhance from the wheel menu.

350776c29de03a508fb62413.png Available Features

Upgrade Stone Enchanting

Breakthrough Enchanting

Manastone Socketing

Godstone Socketing


Applying Idians



Upgrade Stone Extraction

Abyss Points Extraction



Soul Bind Releasing

Wheel Menu


1. Wheel menu features have been added.

- From the Wheel Menu players can use, destroy, divide, strengthen an item.

New Instance Difficulty


1. New difficulty levels have been added to the instance window

- New indicators are reserver for difficulties between 11 and 15

- Difficulty higher then 10 is marked gold as shown in the picture.


1. 'Wings' category has been added to the Trade Broker.

2. Changed the way general quest marks appear on the transparent map.

- Hiding general quests feature will apply to quests below level 65.

- By default, this feature will be disabled. Go to preferences if you wish to change that.

3. Issue with item window not disappearing when profile window gets closed has been fixed.

4. Issues with some 'Back' buttons have been fixed.

5. Tourunrunerk Play Guide will now mention High daevas.


High Daeva: Successor of Eternity
065bcc0bb2a62a9b5600d1c3.png Environment Atreia's Ancient Sanctuary that was asleep for thousands of years. New regions, Esterra and Nosra emerge.
D137f985138aaa069d87d804.png Character You can evolve to a High Daeva through a mission. High Daevas can level up to 75 and use Creativity to increase their abilities.
D982ccc540fd09640672fd14.png Instance Dungeons 3 new instances have been added including Library of Knowledge. New dungeons are only available to High Daevas.
45ed9e7b95bae0fe2a6efffd.png Item High Daeva-only Items have been added. High Daevas can used them regardless of the level, some of their features haven't been seen before.
3ab93c59a3b08d3c0e8ac327.png Quest High Daeva Mission in the Library of Knowledge has been added. Various quests in the new regions have been added.
E16eb76f94ff3198ab3d744f.png Skills High Daevas can use Creativity to strengthen their skills and learn transformation abilities.
A142eb424a46e7503b8518f9.png UI Features related to enchanting/remodelling can now be accessed from one window.
9a1665b3428f16e0c753fddf.png Etc Other changes.