KR - Update December 19th 2018

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1. Dumaha Fortress has been added.

- The siege starts every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 22:00 and lasts for 45min.

- On each server, the siege might start at a different time.

- The rewards are based on the end result of the siege (victory/defeat) and personal contribution.

- The rewards consist of Kinah, Genesis Crystal, Legendary PVP Enchantment Stones, Abyss Points, Honour Points that are based on the end result of the siege, and personal contribution.



1. Event Lugbug mission system that only works during certain event periods has been added.

2. Level 76~80 ‘[인던] 정말 어려울까?’ Lugbug mission has been added.

3. Level 76~80 ‘[공통] 완벽한 한 주’ Lugbug mission has been removed.

4. Hunting certain monsters would not update the Lugbug Missions. This issue has been fixed.


1. The expiration timer would not apply to event items acquired before the maintenance. This issue has been fixed.

2. Items with set effects have been added.

3. Tooltips for unused items have been fixed.

4. An issue with [Event] Lodas' Secret Remedy of Growth not displaying under the ‘Consumables’ category at the broker has been fixed.

5. The color of some items has been changed.

6 The grade of some items has been changed.

7. The appearance of some items has been fixed.

8. Typos in some item tooltips have been fixed.


1. Parts of a transformed character would be transparent. This issue has been fixed.


1. The tooltips of some skills have been fixed.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Prometun's Workshop (Difficult) has been added.

- The entrance is located at the central garrison (129th).

- Unlike in the normal Prometun’s Workshop, if you kill the boss at the Rim Ore Storeroom, the dungeon will end.

- Killing the bosses will reward players with Prometun’s Workshop Treasure Chest that contain PVE Evolution Materials, Ultimate Earrings, PVE Enchantment Stones.

Players Level Entries Entry Time Reset 2~6 80 4 Entries Wednesday, 9:00

2. Some skills that get applied to Bronze Guardian when he has a shield up, have been improved.

3. The entrance to the NK laboratory in the Stella Research Laboratory will now work properly.

4. During a battle with Daeva mutants in the Stella Laboratory, it was impossible to eter the battle area. This issue has been fixed.

5. The popup window that appears after completing the 24th floor of the Tower of Challenge has been changed.

5. Lakrum artifact buffs will now be removed from the player after entering the Tower of Challenge.


1. Chusikin’s battle pattern has been fixed.


1. 1 quest related to the Prometun's Workshop (Difficult) has been added.

2. 4 Dumaha Fortress and 4 regional quests have been added.

3. The rewards for (Elyos), (Asmodian) has been changed.

4. After entering a [Mission] dungeon with another player, only one person would be presented with available cutscenes. This issue has been fixed.

5. Typos in some quests have been fixed.


1. ‘Rissiel’, the blessing NPC, and equipment quests appeared on all servers.


1. Skills that can not be used under certain conditions will now be displayed in red.


1. You can now teleport between Stellucia, the Sand Castle, Volcanic Ash base and neutral zones. Some areas of Dumaha have been fixed.


1. Some sounds have been fixed.


1. The appearance restoration function was not working properly. This issue has been fixed.


7.0 Update
Class Painter

All Painter Skills

Translated Painter Skills

Skill Changes

30.01 Skill Changes

17.04 Skill Changes

Regions Dumaha Nochsana Training Camp

Stella Research Laboratory

Gold Arena (3vs3)

Kamar's Battlefield

General Items Paint Rings Stellium
New items PVP:

Ancient Resilient Fighter's Set
Legendary Silent Black Feather Set
Ultimate Silent Black Feather Set

Raid (Extendable):
Legendary Dumaha Set
Ultimate Dumaha Set

Stella Research Laboratory:
Ancient Merciless Intruder's Set
Legendary Merciless Intruder's Set
Ultimate Merciless Intruder's Set (Easy)
Ultimate Raging Intruder's Set (Normal)

Prometun's Workshop (Difficult)
Light Fragment Set
Ultimate Blinding Starlight Set

Dragon King:
Wise Dragon Set
Wise Dragon King Set
Mysterious Wise Dragon King Set

PVE Craft:

Ancient Splen's Set
    Ancient Noble Splen's Set
Legendary Splen's Set
    Legendary Noble Splen's Set
Ultimate Splen's Set
    Ultimate Noble Splen's Set

PVP Craft:
Ancient Pros' Set
    Ancient Noble Pros' Set
Legendary Pros' Set
    Legendary Noble Pros' Set
Ultimate Pros' Set
    Ultimate Noble Pros' Set

System Dumaha Altar Siege

Lakrum Fortress

Lugbug Missions
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