KR - Update December 12th 2018

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Altar Siege

1. 9, 10, 11 Large scale Altar Sieges have been added.

- Stella Industries Weapons will appear when enough Snowa Tribe followers have been killed.

2. 2 grades of Altar Siege rewards have been added.

Altar Players Rewards
Small Altar 48 Stellium 5
Medium Altar 96 Stellium 6
Large Altar 192 Stellium 7

3. An issue with Altar icons and tooltips on the minimap not resetting properly has been fixed.


1. The effect of some Painter skills has been changed.

- Physical attack effect added to Chromatic Time, Chroma Gravity, Time Shackles.

- MP absorption effect has been added to the Hue Blast skill.

- The cooldown of Painted Petrification has been changed.

- Painted Petrification skill will now remove the effect of the ‘Remove Shock’ buff.

- The ability to remove alter states by Chroma Shower has been increased.

2. Collision issues casued by Spiritmaster’s Fear: Ginseng, Nightmare Scream, Nightmarish Lament, Nightmarish Shriek have been fixed.

3. An issue with enchanting effect not applying to the Sharpen Arrows, Barricade of Steel, Word of Inspiration stigmas has been fixed.

4. When an Aethertech is under Embark state and petrification was used, the appropriate motion will now be outputted.

5. Tooltips of some skills have been fixed.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Rewards in some Instanced Dungeons have been changed or added.

- a random equipment drop has been added.

Instanced Dungeon Monster Item Type
Prometun's Workshop Prigga Ultimate Angry Blue Flame Armour (Shoulders/Gloves) Added
Makarna of Bitterness Beritra Ultimate Angry Blue Flame Armour (Pants/Shoes) Added
Stella Research Laboratory (Easy) Weakened Mutated Daeva Ultimate Merciless Intruder’s Armour (Top/Headgear) Added
Ultimate Merciless Intruder’s Armour (Shoulders/Gloves) Removed

2. During a battle with Daeva mutants in the Stella Laboratory, it was impossible to enter the battle area. This issue has been fixed.

3. A system message has been added when approaching cages in the Stella Laboratory.

4. An issue with NK secret development site location not matching the map has been fixed.


1. An issue with characters displaying partially transparent after transforming into a Weda, Kromede or Hamerun has been fixed.


1. The number of Ancient, Legendary Transformation Potions from the Mission reward boxes has been changed to 10.

2. Box With Traces of Leibo’s tooltip has been improved.

3. An issue with incorrect random bonuses of some T2 equipment items has been fixed.

4. The attributes of equipment items from Lakrum Quests have been upgraded.

5. The appearance of some items has been corrected.

6. The attributes of Daredevil's Battle Shield have been fixed.


1. Two new Lugbug missions have been added to the Dumaha region.

2. The number of bosses required for the ‘[인던] 용서하지 않겠다!’ mission in the 1~75 level range has been changed to 5.

3. The daily mission button will now disappear when all quest has been completed all rewards claimed.

4. A dead character will no longer be able to use the <Reward> button.


1. Large Altar Siege (9, 10, 11) quests have been added.

2. An issue with some Narakkalli Legion tasks not being completable has been fixed.

3. Unnecessary system messages will no longer appear during Dumaha missions.

4. You will once again be able to progress through the , missions.


1. New loading tooltips have been added.

2. An issue with some rewards being incorrectly marked in the battlefield UI has been fixed.

3. After changing the channel, boss marks would get duplicated. This issue has been fixed.


1. Elite Artefact monsters in Dumaha will now give Abyss Points when killed.

2. Battle patterns of some boss monsters in Lakrum have been changed.

3. An issue with Rega Drakan objects not using guard enhancement buffs has been fixed.


1. The terrain in Dumaha has been changed.

2. The terrain in Stella Research Laboratory has been fixed.

3. An issue with the sound not being played in some Dumaha areas has been fixed.


7.0 Update
Class Painter

All Painter Skills

Translated Painter Skills

Skill Changes

30.01 Skill Changes

17.04 Skill Changes

Regions Dumaha Nochsana Training Camp

Stella Research Laboratory

Gold Arena (3vs3)

Kamar's Battlefield

General Items Paint Rings Stellium
New items PVP:

Ancient Resilient Fighter's Set
Legendary Silent Black Feather Set
Ultimate Silent Black Feather Set

Raid (Extendable):
Legendary Dumaha Set
Ultimate Dumaha Set

Stella Research Laboratory:
Ancient Merciless Intruder's Set
Legendary Merciless Intruder's Set
Ultimate Merciless Intruder's Set (Easy)
Ultimate Raging Intruder's Set (Normal)

Prometun's Workshop (Difficult)
Light Fragment Set
Ultimate Blinding Starlight Set

Dragon King:
Wise Dragon Set
Wise Dragon King Set
Mysterious Wise Dragon King Set

PVE Craft:

Ancient Splen's Set
    Ancient Noble Splen's Set
Legendary Splen's Set
    Legendary Noble Splen's Set
Ultimate Splen's Set
    Ultimate Noble Splen's Set

PVP Craft:
Ancient Pros' Set
    Ancient Noble Pros' Set
Legendary Pros' Set
    Legendary Noble Pros' Set
Ultimate Pros' Set
    Ultimate Noble Pros' Set

System Dumaha Altar Siege

Lakrum Fortress

Lugbug Missions
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