KR - Update August 22nd 2018

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Instanced Dungeon

1. 2 new transformations have been added to the Illumiel battlefield.

Instanced Dungeon New Transformations
Illumiel 법서를 든 고양이 변신

법봉을 든 포메라니안 변신

2. Some details required to progress through the Illumiel battlefield have been corrected.

- PVP and PVE Attack/Defence has been added to the transformation effects.

- The number of times the buffs appear has been changed from 4 to 6.

- Kunax will now reappear after 160sec instead of 180sec.

- Kunax and tank’s HP has been increased and the tank will now move faster.

- You can now glide in all areas of the battlefield.

- Some skill effect messages would display incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

3. You can now acquire buffs in Senekta depending if someone boarded the Petralith.

4. The range of Arbo's Soul’s Shield has been changed from 10m to 15m.

5. The way the battle with the 3rd Dragon Lord Ereshkigal in Senekta resets has been changed.

6. System messages that were incorrectly appearing in the Steel Rake Fortress have been fixed.

7. Some artifact buffs will now be removed when entering the Arenas.


1. You can now obtain Ornate Shukirukin Box from following instances.

- Narakkalli, Holy Tower, Hererim Mine, Ashunatal Dredgion, Runatorium, Makarna of Bitterness, Prometun's Workshop

2. The probability of acquiring new Daevanion Skillbook from Shukiruk’s Boxes has been changed.

3. The time period has been added to the tooltip of Ultimate Daeva Title (15 days) Selection Box.

4. The wrong appearance of some items has been fixed.


1. Bard will now learn the Tempest Rhapsody skill at level 77.

- Character above level 78 will learn it automaticall after logging in.

2. Casting and re-casting times of Light of Resurrection, Resurrection Loci, Cherubim Call have been changed.

3. Immobilize effect has been added to Gladiator’s Ferocious Earthquake skill.

- The effect of Ankle Grab cannot be duplicated.

4. The tooltips of Fang Strike, Beast Kick, Bloodwind Rive have been fixed.


1. You can now use Legion chat inside battlefields.

2. Fixed an issue that was allowing Minions to be selected with the invisibility option turned on or under certain circumstances.


1. Voices of some NPCs have been fixed.


1. Typos in some quests have been fixed.


1. The output of in-game phone verification has been changed.


6.5 Update
Dungeons PVE:


Hererim Mine



General Items
New items Senekta

Bitter Ice Set

Cold Set

Gold Sand Shop
Legendary Honourable Warrior Set


Legendary Pandora Set

Ultimate Pandora Set

System Transformation Collection

Daevanion Skill Tuning

Daevanion Skill Enchanting Effect

Pandora Complex

Pandora Human Resources Complex

Pandora Development Complex

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