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Daevanion Skill

▶ Daevanion Skill

Daevanion Skills are powerful skills you can learn from special skillbooks.

Enrich your gameplay by using different Daevanion Skills in different scenarios.

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▶ How to Apply Daevanion Skills

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Daevanion Skill Tuning

▶ Daevanion Skill Tuning

Daevanion Skill Tuning will open a window where you can enchant or combine your skills.


▶ Daevanion Skill Enchanting

Acquired Daevanion Skills can be enchanted with other Daevanion Skillbooks.

1) Only Davanion skills above Legendary Grade can be enchanted.

2) If you use the same skillbook, the probability of success will be higher.

3) When using special materials, the enchanting level will not drop if the process fails.

4) Items used for enchanting will be destroyed, and there is a certain chance the process will fail.

5) Failing above +10 will result in the level reverting back to +10. (Ex. Failing to enchant a +13 skill will result in +10 skill.)

6) Daevanion Skills can be enchanted up to level +15.


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▶ Daevanion Skill Synthesis

4 Daevanion Skillbooks can be synthesized into a new Daevanion Skillbook.

1) Only Skillbooks of Ancient and higher Grades can be synthesized.

2) Requires a total of 4 skillbooks.

3) Synthesis of skillbooks of different grades is possible. (Ex. It’s possible to synthesize 2 Ancient and 2 Legendary Skillbooks.)

4) Items used in the process will be destroyed. There is a certain chance you will receive a skillbook of a higher grade.


How to acquire Daevanion Skills

▶ NEW Magical Crafting

Daevanion Mark of Knowledge and Genesis Crystal can be used to craft a Legendary Daevanion Skill Box.

Daevanion Mark of Knowledge can be purchased from crafting merchants in Lakrum.

Material Quantity Source
Daevanion Mark of Knowledge 6 NPCs in Lakrum

80,000 AP for 1 (6 per week)

Genesis Crystal 100 Lakrum Garrison Quests


[Daevanion Knowledge Mark NPC]


▶ Shukiruk Smugglers

Daevanion Skillbooks can be looted from Shukiruk Smugglers that randomly appear in some instances.

For more information, see the Shukiruk Smugglers Guide.

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