KR - Update September 5th 2018

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1. An issue with Minions remaining visible after using stealth skills has been fixed.

2. The Hide Minion option would turn on after recalling a Minion. This issue has been fixed.


1. The name of Bard’s Davanion skill Hurricane’s Chant has been changed. All skills of that type have been renamed.

2. Some Skill effects have been changed.

Class Skill Changes
Gladiator Explosion of Rage, Wrathful Wave, Crushing Blow, Ferocious Leap, Seismic Billow, Ferocious Strike, Robust Blow, Body Smash, Body Combo, Body Slice, Wrathful Explosion, Wrathful Strike, Severe Weakening Blow, Pressure Wave, Sharp Strike, Absorbing Fury, Draining Sword, Wind Lance, Severe Precision Cut, Lockdown, Crippling Cut, Earthquake Wave, Draining Blow, Exhausting Wave, Tendon Slice, Sure Strike, Revival Wave, Springing Slice, Final Strike Skill Damage Increased
Battle Banner 200 PC Damage Reduction -> 500

Cooldown 3min -> 2min

Howl Cooldown 5min -> 2min
Berserking, Furious Charge, Resolute Charge, Surefooted Charge, Slaughter % increase in physical attack changed to numberical value
Templar Sword Storm, Shield Bash, Shield Counter, Avenging Shield Blow, Righteous Blow, Dazing Severe Blow, Divine Blow, Judgement, Punishing Thrust, Break Power, Invigorating Strike, Shieldburst, Inquisitor's Blow, Punishment Skill Damage Increased
Shield of Faith, Aether Armor Duration 30s -> 20s

Cooldown 3min -> 2min

Empyrean Shield Duration 30s -> 20s
Empyrean Fury, Divine Fury, Heroic Bodyguard % increase in physical attack changed to numberical value
Prayer of Resilience, Punishing Wave Cooldown 3min -> 2min
Prayer of Victory Duration 3min -> 2min

Cooldown 5min -> 3min

Ranger Aether Arrow, Stunning Shot, Rupture Arrow, Holy Arrow, Spiral Arrow, Arrow Strike, Entangling Shot, Swift Shot, Deadshot, Silence Arrow, Soul-Busting Arrow, Light Arrow, Finishing Arrow, Ripthread Shot, Lightning Arrow, Agonizing Arrow, Dilation Arrow, Arrow Deluge, Lethal Arrow, Heart Shot, Explosive Arrow Skill Damage Increased
Bow of Blessing % increase in physical attack changed to numberical value

Duration 60s -> 40s

Cooldown 2min 30s -> 2min

Strong Shots, Sharpen Arrows, Devotion, Transformation: Mau, Mau Blessing, Blessing of Wind % increase in physical attack changed to numberical value
Staggering Trap Cooldown 3min -> 2min
Night Haze Cooldown 5min -> 3min
Assassin Spiral Slash, Fang Strike, Beast Kick, Beast Swipe, Rune Carve, Rune Slash, Cross Slash, Ripclaw Strike, Swift Edge, Assassination, Killing Spree, Soulshatter Cleave, Vampiric Slash, Quickening Doom, Searching Strike, Venomous Strike, Dash and Slash, Massacre, Dash Attack, Fangdrop Stab, Shadowfall, Lightning Slash, Sigil Strike, Lightning Slash Skill Damage Increased
Devotion, Deadly Abandon, Deadly Focus % increase in physical attack changed to numberical value
Sensory Boost, Shimmerbomb Cooldown 3min -> 2min
Aethertech Explosive Exhaust, Rain of Knuckles, Ravager Cannon, Steel Storm, Steam Rush, Bludgeon, Battery, Beatdown, Rocket Punch, Chilling Wave, Riplash, Meteor Strike, Sundering Blade, Heat Burst Skill Damage Increased
Embark Cooldown 10s -> 8s
Trauma Plate Trigger, Explosive Exhaust Cooldown 3min -> 2min
Gunner Pressurized Chamber Crit Spell effect excluded
Suppressing Fire Front Area -> Target Area

Cooldown 7s -> 30s

Watery Grave Cooldown 1min 30s -> 10min
Sorcerer Wintry Armor Skill Damage Increased
Oath of Iron-Clad Duration, Shield Value, Shock resistance increased
Crippling Spear Movement Speed Reduction -> Magic Defence Reduction
Repulsion Field Cooldown 5min -> 3min
Curse of Weakness Duration 60s -> 30s

Cooldown 5min -> 3min

Arcane Thunderbolt Cooldown 1min 45s -> 1min 30s
Spiritmaster Cyclone of Wrath, Infernal Pain Skill Damage Increased
Command: Spirit Barrier Shield value increased
Command: Absorb Wounds Duration 2min -> 1min

Cooldown 5min -> 3min

Root of Enervation Duration 25s -> 12s

Attack Speed Reduction increased

Shackle of Vulnerability Attack Speed Reduction increased

Casting Speed reduction increased

Duration 30s -> 16s

Withering Gloom 60s -> 30s

Reduced Health recovery effect added

Armor Spirit % increase in physical attack changed to numberical value
Blood Funnel Skill Damage Increased

Cooldown 3min -> 2min

Command: Elemental Wave Cooldown 3min -> 1min 30s
Bard Blazing Requiem, Harpist's Pod Skill Damage Increased
Bright Strike, Bright Stroke, Bright Flourish, Harpist's Pod MP reduction effect chnaged to % value
Fiery Requiem, Fiery Requiem, Blazing Requiem Cooldown 2min -> 1min
Snowflower Melody, Snowbound Melody Cooldown 3min -> 2min
Chanter Resonant Strike Skill Damage Increased
Word of Inspiration, Word of Instigation, Winter Circle, Winter Circle, Blessing of Wind % increase in physical attack changed to numberical value
Cleric Judge's Edict Magic Defence Reduction effect increased
Chain of Suffering Casting Time 3s -> 2s
Blessed Shield 100% Healing effect increase -> 500 Healing Boost Increase
Reverse Condition Cooldown 10min -> 3min
Summon Vexing Energy Cooldown 5min -> 2min

3. The cooldown reduction ratio from Stigma enchanting for some skills has been changed.

- Empyrean Providence, Illusion Storm, Storm Strike, Arcane Thunderbolt, Bow of Blessing

4. The name of Sorcerer’s Daevanion Skill Crippling Spear has been corrected.


1. After armsfusing a weapon with a Pandora item as the secondary weapon, random attributes would not be carried over. This issue has been fixed.

2. The appearance of Sunseeker’s Beachwear has been corrected.

Instanced Dungeon

1. Artifact buffs will now be removed after entering Runatorium and Ashunatal Dredgion.


1. An issue with preview costumes and icons during male Artist creation have been fixed.

2. Character Search will no longer display removed regions.


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