KR - Update July 18th 2018

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Instanced Dungeon

1. The transformation Statues inside Illumiel will now consume 1 ‘Illumiel Transformation Coin’.

- 1 ‘Illumiel Transformation Coin’ will be given out after entering the dungeon.

2. Characters will no longer get trapped inside the Illumiel dungeon.

3. The cooldown of charging skills in Illumiel would display incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

4. Illumiel NPCs have been moved to the waiting area.

5. You will no longer be able to buy additional entries to the Hererim Mine with Quna.

6. After killing the Dark Sorcerer Bugarota in Hererim Mine, some monsters in the Tunnel of Greed would despawn. This issue has been fixed.

7. Suspicious Secret Entrance will now appear after killing the Dark Sorcerer Bugarota inside the Hererim Mine.

8. Some monsters inside the Hererim Mine will now recognize players in Hiding mode.

9. After facing Vengeful Foreman Girad in the Hererim Mine tunnel, the timer will stop.

10. The doors inside the Hererim Mine will now open after killing the Undead Kobold Smuggler.

11. The message that appears after killing Junior Foreman Lorenta / Mine Foreman Dimo inside the Hererim Mine has been changed.

12. The number of AP you can gain from monsters and boxes inside the Hererim Mine has been adjusted.

13. Some monsters inside the Hererim Mine will no longer give XP.

14. Typos in the Tunnel of Obsession’s compensation box have been fixed.

15. Monsters inside Senekta will no longer resist deployed Petralith’s skills.

16. The effects of '3rd Dragon Lord Ereshkigal’ and Jotuns that appear in Senekta have been changed.


1. Fixed an issue with the skill damage of all classes being lowered while flying.

2. The tooltips and output messages from some skills would display incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

Tooltip Errors
Anti-Enemy Fire, Recovery Fire, Restorative Fire, Fire Forge, Automatic Fire, Steel Shot, Command: Lava Barrier, Command: Elemental Rupture, Command: Elemental Wave, Command: Element Discharge, Deadly Focus, Fatal Onslaught, Block Curtain, Bloodwind Slash, Fluttered Note, Syncopated Echo, Rupture Arrow Onslaught, Focused Retreating Slash, Deadly Focus, Festering Wound, Spirit Wall of Protection, Snow Shell, Wave Cannon, Crushing Assault, Spear of Gust, Vaizel's Wisdom, Flame Waltz, Winter Circle, Sage's Wisdom, Barricade of Steel, Nightmare Scream, Punishment, Trap of Slowing, Prayer of Victory, Paean of Pain, Protective Shell, Resistant Protective Shell

3. The effects of some skills have been fixed.

Skill Effect Errors
Canted Shot, Flames of Wrath, Absolute Zero, Spirit Disturbance, Elemental Spirit Armor, Command: Wall of Protection Tempest, Armor Spirit, Command: Bodyguard, Command: Absorb Wounds, Command: Earth Warding, Command: Water Warding, Command: Wind Warding, Command: Fire Warding, Command: Tempest Warding, Command: Lava Warding, Command: Absorb Wounds Earth, Command: Absorb Wounds Water, Command: Absorb Wounds Wind, Command: Absorb Wounds Fire, Command: Absorb Wounds Tempest, Command: Absorb Wounds Lava, Focused Retreating Slash, Skybound Trap, Ice Dragon’s Feather: Speed Reduction, Trauma Plate Trigger, Ripclaw Strike, Stone Skin, Battle Banner

4. The update to blessing skills from 7/11 update has been reversed to the previous state because of the reduction in skill damage.


1. You will now gain Honour Points (GP) from killing some Balaur objects during Fortress sieges.


1. Typos in Asmodian / / have been fixed.

2. Typos in dialogs of some Asmodian Pandora Quest NPCs have been fixed.

3. Fixed an issue with some Pandora Quest-related NPCs not appearing.


1. Fixed an issue with Minion skills not working properly after adding them to a macro.

Pandora Complex

1. Friendly wagons of the Pandora Complex would display hostile. This issue has been fixed.

2. Fixed awkward movements of some objects that appear during the Pandora Complex's wagon defense.

3. Fixed an issue where instead of Battlefield Reward Box, Settlement Reward Box would appear as the compensation for the Pandora Complex.


1. The appearance of some items has been corrected.

2. Equipment, Stigmas, Supplies and Instanced Dungeon reset scrolls have been added to the Gold Bar shop.

3. Some monsters in Lakrum will no longer drop Materials and Manastones.

4. Names of some items have been changed.

5. Icons of some Daevanion Skillbooks have been changed.


1. A message window will now appear when acquiring a Transformation Collection.


1. An issue with App center notifications not appearing properly has been fixed.

2. The classification of Stigma Enchantment Stone on the broker has been fixed.


1. Characters will no longer disconnect for no reason during gameplay.


6.5 Update
Dungeons PVE:


Hererim Mine



General Items
New items Senekta

Bitter Ice Set

Cold Set

Gold Sand Shop
Legendary Honourable Warrior Set


Legendary Pandora Set

Ultimate Pandora Set

System Transformation Collection

Daevanion Skill Tuning

Daevanion Skill Enchanting Effect

Pandora Complex

Pandora Human Resources Complex

Pandora Development Complex

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