Ornate Shukirukin Box

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Ornate Shukirukin Box

Type Bundle Item (Random Reward)

Level 80


A box containing a Daevanion skill for your class. Double-click (or right-click) to open it.


Race Class Level Items
[Daevanion] Heroic Bodyguard
[Daevanion] Vigilant Bodyguard
[Daevanion] Shield Sweep
[Daevanion] Shield Crush
[Daevanion] Taunting Iron Skin
[Daevanion] Unstoppable Iron Skin
[Daevanion] Ankle Breaker
[Daevanion] Callous Strike
[Daevanion] Bloodwind Rive
[Daevanion] Draining Slash
[Daevanion] Draining Rupture
[Daevanion] Crippling Rupture
[Daevanion] Crushing Onslaught
[Daevanion] Crushing Assault
[Daevanion] Resolute Charge
[Daevanion] Surefooted Charge
[Daevanion] Paralyzing Cleave
[Daevanion] Relentless Cleave
[Daevanion] Ferocious Earthquake
[Daevanion] Ferocious Lunge
[Daevanion] Efficient Pain Rune
[Daevanion] Expert Pain Rune
[Daevanion] Whirlwind Dance
[Daevanion] Whirlwind Burst
[Daevanion] Dizzying Ambush
[Daevanion] Fast Assault
[Daevanion] Slashing Onslaught
[Daevanion] Fatal Onslaught
[Daevanion] Feral Ambush
[Daevanion] Ruthless Ambush
[Daevanion] Debilitating Shackle Arrow
[Daevanion] Shackle Arrow Burst
[Daevanion] Rupture Arrow Burst
[Daevanion] Rupture Arrow Onslaught
[Daevanion] Focused Retreating Slash
[Daevanion] Fierce Retreating Slash
[Daevanion] Silencing Strike
[Daevanion] Disruptive Shot
[Daevanion] Vicious Arrow
[Daevanion] Merciless Arrow
[Daevanion] Set Charge
[Daevanion] Rapid Reload
[Daevanion] Suppressing Fire
[Daevanion] Strafing Fire
[Daevanion] Slam Shot
[Daevanion] Precise Shots
[Daevanion] Recovery Fire
[Daevanion] Fire Forge
[Daevanion] Conductive Cannon
[Daevanion] Wave Cannon
[Daevanion] Roaring Judgment
[Daevanion] Overwhelming Judgment
[Daevanion] Cleansing Recovery Spell
[Daevanion] Rejuvenating Spell
[Daevanion] Melee Crush
[Daevanion] Dizzying Smash
[Daevanion] Empowered Resonating Dance
[Daevanion] Dizzying Slash
[Daevanion] Chaos Smash
[Daevanion] Sweeping Crash
[Daevanion] Breath of Recovery
[Daevanion] Beam of Recovery
[Daevanion] Paralyzing Spark
[Daevanion] Divine Crackle
[Daevanion] Immortal Barrier
[Daevanion] Mass Immortal Shroud
[Daevanion] Rolling Thunder
[Daevanion] Crashing Thunder
[Daevanion] Twinkling Light
[Daevanion] Globe of Light
[Daevanion] Idium Slam
[Daevanion] Idium Barrage
[Daevanion] Steady Barrage
[Daevanion] Detonating Shot
[Daevanion] Protective Shell
[Daevanion] Resistant Protective Shell
[Daevanion] Counter-Fire
[Daevanion] Sweeping Fire
[Daevanion] Silencing Blade
[Daevanion] Silent Shot
[Daevanion] Raging Inferno
[Daevanion] Frigid Wave
[Daevanion] Magic Rush
[Daevanion] Elemental Rush
[Daevanion] Aether Inferno
[Daevanion] Flame Ray
[Daevanion] Volcanic Wrath
[Daevanion] Shifting Magma
[Daevanion] Crippling Spear
[Daevanion] Thundering Spear
[Daevanion] Command: Elemental Rupture
[Daevanion] Command: Elemental Wave
[Daevanion] Nightmarish Shriek
[Daevanion] Nightmarish Lament
[Daevanion] Choking Winds
[Daevanion] Inescapable Choke
[Daevanion] Soul Tether
[Daevanion] Soul Combustion
[Daevanion] Spirit Rend
[Daevanion] Spirit Bind
[Daevanion] Fiery Requiem
[Daevanion] Blazing Requiem
[Daevanion] Snowflower Melody
[Daevanion] Snowbound Melody
[Daevanion] Soothing Melody
[Daevanion] Resonant Melody
[Daevanion] Strengthened Tempest Variation
[Daevanion] Harmony of Tempest
[Daevanion] Inspiring Flourish
[Daevanion] Dazzling Flourish
[Daevanion] Chromatic Wrath
[Daevanion] Chroma Endurance
[Daevanion] Transcendent Chroma
[Daevanion] Chromatic Resistance
[Daevanion] Flash Strike
[Daevanion] Improved Flash Strike
[Daevanion] Chroma Blessing
[Daevanion] Chroma Blessing
[Daevanion] Chromatic Time
[Daevanion] Chromatic Time