KR - Update July 25th 2018

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Instanced Dungeon

1. The entrance to Senekta that appears at the outpost when your faction is not controlling the Lakrum Fortress has been changed to match the entrance inside the fortress.

- You can now enter the dungeon on the integrated server regardless if your faction is occupying the fortress or not.

- However, if the Balaur are occupying the fortress, the instance cannot be accessed as before.

2. An issue with Jotun’s motions not be displayed immediately during the fight with 3rd Dragon Lord Ereshkigal in Senekta has been fixed.

3. The HP of the tank inside Illumiel has been reduced.

4. Abyssal Star can now be used inside the Illumiel battlefield.

5. The phrasing of some usable items and statues inside the Illumiel battlefield has been changed.

6. The difficulty of the ‘Tunnel of Greed’ inside the Hererim Mine dungeon has been increased.

7. The output message that appears when trying to access the solo version of Hererim Mine while in a group has been fixed.

8. You will no longer be able to attack Vengeful Foreman Girad after killing Dark Sorcerer Bugarota inside the Hererim Mine.

9. Some messages inside the Hererim Mine would be displayed twice. This issue has been fixed.

10. Additional damage of some skills would not apply to Nergal inside the Holy Tower. This issue has been fixed.


1. The enchanting probability for some items has been slightly increased.

2. Shard’s drop rate in Lakrum and Instanced Dungeons has been adjusted.

3. Shard will no longer drop from some monsters in Signia, Vengar.

4. The appearance of some items has been corrected.

5. The icon of Illumiel Transformation Coin has been changed.

6. Odella Powder’s tooltip has been fixed.

Pandora Complex

1. A Corridor has been added leading from the Pandora Complex to the Starting Point.


1. The effects of some skills have been fixed.

Skill Effect Errors
Cloaking Word, Relentless Cleave, Prayer of Freedom, Inspiring Flourish


1. After using a Transparent Transformation Scroll, your appearance will no longer change to the Guardian.

2. The red glow of Asmodian characters would no be displayed during transformations. This issue has been fixed.


1. An issue with some quest NPCs being covered by the terrain has been fixed.

2. Some quests have been changed.


1. An option to hide Minions/Pets has been added.


6.5 Update
Dungeons PVE:


Hererim Mine



General Items
New items Senekta

Bitter Ice Set

Cold Set

Gold Sand Shop
Legendary Honourable Warrior Set


Legendary Pandora Set

Ultimate Pandora Set

System Transformation Collection

Daevanion Skill Tuning

Daevanion Skill Enchanting Effect

Pandora Complex

Pandora Human Resources Complex

Pandora Development Complex

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