KR - Update October 24th 2018

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1. A conflict between enchanted Daevanion Skills and skills with the same effect has been resolved.


1. As the Legendary Transformation Promotion ended, Pixels can no longer be obtained through Transformation Synthesis.


1. The effect of Garrison Artefact buffs will now match the description.


1. Creepy Secret Passage, Hushed Secret Passage will now remain in place for 55min.

- When the retention time is over, all characters in the Secret Place will be forced out.

2. Ariel/ Azphel buffs will no longer be applied when entering the Secret Place.


6.5 Update
Dungeons PVE:


Hererim Mine



General Items
New items Senekta

Bitter Ice Set

Cold Set

Gold Sand Shop
Legendary Honourable Warrior Set


Legendary Pandora Set

Ultimate Pandora Set

System Transformation Collection

Daevanion Skill Tuning

Daevanion Skill Enchanting Effect

Pandora Complex

Pandora Human Resources Complex

Pandora Development Complex

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