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1. Narakali instance has been added.

대행자는 드레드기온 침공 이후 늘어난 데바들의 실종 사건이 에레슈키갈 군단과 연관이 있을 것이라고 하며 에레슈란타를 담당하는 총사령관과 만나 사건 해결을 도와달라고 한다. 에레슈란타 총사령부는 드레드기온 침공 이후 에레슈란타 상공에 기묘한 장소가 출현했다며, 비밀리에 그곳을 조사하는 정예 파견대를 보냈으나 전멸하고 생존자 하나만이 돌아왔다고 한다.

- Entrance to the Narakali is located near the Miren Fortress in the Upper Abyss.

- Inside the instance, you will see the progress of each major and additional mission in the top left corner of your screen.

Personnel Level Reset Entires
12 Level 66+ Wednesday 9:00 4 entries a week


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Essence of Knowledge[edit]

1. Essence of Knowledge Instanced Dungeon has been added.

Essence of Knowledge에 도착한 대행자와 선발대는 아티팩트 핵의 불안정으로 발생한 문제를 해결하기 위해서 Essence of Knowledge 중심부로 서둘러 이동한다. 하지만 중심부에 거의 도착 했을 때쯤 아티팩트 수호자가 나타나 길을 막는다. 선발대는 아티팩트 수호자를 복속 시켰지만 아티팩트가 정상적으로 돌아오지 않는 것에 의문을 품고 아티팩트 핵이 있는 곳으로 이동한다.

아티팩트 핵이 있는 중심부에 도착한 선발대는 마법 결계를 펼치고 있는 상대 종족 대행자를 목격하게 되고 아티팩트가 정상적으로 돌아오지 않는 이유는 상대 종족 대행자의 마법 결계 때문이라고 확신한다.

- Can be accessed through a portal in the 'Artefact of Knowledge' area inside the Tower of Eternity, and after completing all missions in the Library of Knowledge, and Garden of Knowledge.

- An alternative entrance will appear after killing the final boss in the Garden of Knowledge.

- Inside the dungeon, there will be times when you suffer damage, also the difficulty can be increased by collecting books.

Personnel Level Reset Entires
6 Level 66+ Wednesday 9:00 4 entries a week


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Windy Gorge[edit]

1. Windy Gorge battlefield has been added.

지식의 아티팩트에 생긴 문제를 해결하지만 지식의 아티팩트 핵 일부가 소실된 것을 확인한다. 대행자의 명령에 따라 지식의 아티팩트 신전 안, 밖을 면밀하게 재조사한 천마는 영원의 탑 내부에 숨겨진 태초의 장소들을 발견한다. 이 중 고대 느빌림의 도시(느바람)에 지식의 아티팩트 핵 파편이 떨어진 것을 확인한 천마는 이를 회수하기 위한 병력을 파견한다.

● Entrance

- Players can apply for the Windy Gorge when a 'Large Battlefield (720161221151717.png)' button appears in the corner of the screen.

- [Large Battlefield] – [Send Offer] allows you to create a group, [Apply for Group] allows you to apply for a selected party.

- [Large Battlefield] – [Quick Entry] allows you to jump into an existing instance (Battlefield is already in progress).

※ In order for the instance to start, at least 24 Elyos/Asmodians must apply, to always maintain equal numbers in each camp, additional slots will be filled with people from [Quick Entries].

※ However, Entrance will close down after 15 min.

● Play

- Inside the instance, Elyos and Asmodians will compete against each other in a limited timeframe.

- At the starting location, players can purchase items only usable inside the instance using 전장 포인트 (Battle Points) from the Windy Gorge.

전장 포인트(s) are paid in real time for killing monsters and players.

- Depending on the number of entries, additional monsters and NPCs will be added. You can purchase additional items that might help you with the attack from NPCs that appear on the map with Kinah.

Personnel Level Entires
24 min ~ 96 max Level 66+ Unlimited


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Existing Instances[edit]

1. The difficulty of 6 High Daeva instances has been decreased, and experience that can be obtained there has been increased.

Instanced Dungeon
Adma Ruins Elemental Lord's Laboratory
Arkhal's Hidden Space Kroban Base
Library of Knowledge Garden of Knowledge

2. The number of entries per week to the Gold Arena has been changed from 2 to 4.

3. The number of points needed to acquire seasonal rewards for the Gold Arena has been changed. At the same time, seasonal rewards have been increased.

4. If the opposite team leaves Runatorium Ruins, the instance will no longer immediately end. Instead, you will have 10min to finish the instance.

5.5 Immortal: Flower of Ice

Instanced Dungeons

Essence of Knowledge, and Narakali instances have been added. Windy Gorge battlefield has been added.


Supporting their masters Minions have been added.


All level 65 and below medals have been replaced by 페트라 공훈 훈장. The equipment items from High Daeva instances have been improved.

Enchanting System

The chance for enchanting and Breakthrough enchanting has been increased. The effects of Breakthrough enchanting have been improved.


Creativity system has been reorganized, the effects of primary stats have been increased. A new High Daeva skill has been added to each class.


A number of new quests related to the new content have been added. Quests for the Tokens of Growth have been added.


Item tooltips have been changed, and video recording function has been added.

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