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1. High Daeva will now be able to use Minions.

- Minions can be acquired from instances and bought from NPCs in the Temple of Honour.

Type Instance
icon_item_ingame_familiar_contract01.png Lesser Minion Contract Neviwind Canyon
icon_item_ingame_familiar_contract02.png Greater Minion Contract Museum of Knowledge
Calypso (E), Gylfir (A) in the Temple of Honour
icon_item_ingame_familiar_contract03.png Major Minion Contract Narakkalli
icon_item_ingame_familiar_contract04.png Cute Minion Contract Event rewards

- Minion contracts are available for characters level 66 and higher. When you use a contract, you will receive a random A-D grade minion.

- You can have up to 200 Minions. The list of available Minions can be seen under [Menu – Minion List].


- After summoning a Minion, the character will receive a boost to certain stats, and a minion skill will become available.

- Depending on the character (Physical/Magical), the Minion will boost different stats.

- Minion skills are affected by the character's abilities, manastones and PvP/PvE equipment. (Abilities of other characters do not affect your Minion.)

- After evolving a Minion, it will give a greater stat boost, and better skills.

Name Grade Effect Skill
Abija B (Physical)

HP, Attack, Critical Strike


HP, Magic Boost, Magical Accuracy

- Magical Attack on a single target

- Restores your HP

- Increases Magical Crit/Crit Strike for 30 sec

Hamerun B - Magical Attack on a single target

- Keeps attacking the target for 10sec

Steel Rose C (Physical)

HP, Attack


HP, Magic Boost

- Magical Attack on a single target

- Decreases MP of a single target

- Absorbs the damage as MP for the owner

Seiren C - Restores HP and MP for 10sec

- Creates a protective shield for 24sec

※ Minion skill points are used each time you use a Minion Skill. Skill points can be recharged with Kinah.

- By combining Special B~D Minions, you can acquire a Minion of a higher grade or a random Minion of the same grade.


Minion Synthesis

- You can summon only one Minion, and no other pet or guardian angel can be summoned at the same time.

- Minions can not be summoned while on a mount but will be automatically summoned after reconnecting to the game.

- Features of some Minions can be expanded. You can buy pet-like features for 30 days with Kinah.

Function Explanation
Automatic Looting Automatically picks items from follen enemies.
Automatic Buffing Automatically uses food and magical items (up to 4).
Alert Alerts about characters from the opposite faction within 24m radius.

- You can acquire growth points by using other Minions as materials, and when the growth points reach the maximum value, the Minion can be evolved with a special item.

Area Monster

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5.5 Immortal: Flower of Ice

Instanced Dungeons

Museum of Knowledge, and Narakkalli instances have been added. Neviwind Canyon battlefield has been added.


Supporting their masters Minions have been added.


All level 65 and below medals have been replaced by Petra Medal. The equipment items from High Daeva instances have been improved.

Enchanting System

The chance for enchanting and Breakthrough enchanting has been increased. The effects of Breakthrough enchanting have been improved.


Creativity system has been reorganized, the effects of primary stats have been increased. A new High Daeva skill has been added to each class.


A number of new quests related to the new content have been added. Quests for the Tokens of Growth have been added.


Item tooltips have been changed, and video recording function has been added.