5.5 - Enchanting System

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1. The enchanting probability for Enchantment Stone and Omega Enchantment Stone has been changed.

- If you try to enchant an item with supplements, the probability of successfully strengthening will be higher than ever before.

- The probability of increasing the item's level by 2 with one stone has been increased.

- The probability for general enchanting when using Omega Enchantment Stone with Mighty Supplements (example: Greater Supplements (Mythic)) will be 100%.

- The probability of Breakthrough enchanting has also been increased.

2. Shining Enchantment Stone has been added.

- 1,000 Enchantment Stone Dust can be assembled into a Shining Enchantment Stone with a low probability.

- The enchanting probability for Shining Enchantment Stone is lower than for Omega Enchantment Stone but higher than for Enchantment Stone.


1. For High Daeva equipment items that are breakthrough-possible, following stats will be added starting at +16.

Enchanting Effect
PvE Physical/Magical Attack PvP Physical/Magical Attack
PvE Physical/Magical Defence PvP Physical/Magical Defence

Enchantment Level Type PVP Attack PVP Defence PVE Attack PVE Defence
16~20 One-handed Weapon 0.2 0.3
Two-handed Weapon 0.3 0.4
Shield 0.2 0.3
Armor 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.2
21+ One-handed Weapon 0.3 0.4
Two-handed Weapon 0.5 0.6
Shield 0.3 0.4
Armor 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.2

2. Settings of Breakthrough enchanting of Daeva equipment (1~65) have been changed.

- The enchanting bonus that would apply for Weapons/Armors starting at +21 will now apply starting at +16.

- Ex) Before: Dagger +1~+20 +2, +21~ +4 Physical/Magical Attack

After: Dagger +1~+15 +2, +16~ +4 Physical/Magical Attack

Other Changes

1. The way you are given back socketed Manastones and Godstones in a case of enchanting failure of High Daeva items has been changed.

- In a case of general enchanting failure, socketed Godstones, and Manastones will be returned to you with a certain probability.

- In a case of breakthrough enchanting failure, the socketed Godstone will always be returned to you, and socketed Manastones will be returned with a certain probability.

2. Stigma enchanting has been added to the Boost/Modify window.

Added Cost
Enchantment Manastone Socketing
Godstone Socketing Estima Enchanting
Idian Enhancement Stigma Enchanting

3. Breakthrough enchantment cost, Manastone removal cost, and Enchantment Stone extraction cost has been lowered.

4. You will now be able to use Kinah in order to get the same effect as if you had Supplements when trying to enchant an items or socket Manastones.

5.5 Immortal: Flower of Ice

Instanced Dungeons

Museum of Knowledge, and Narakkalli instances have been added. Neviwind Canyon battlefield has been added.


Supporting their masters Minions have been added.


All level 65 and below medals have been replaced by Petra Medal. The equipment items from High Daeva instances have been improved.

Enchanting System

The chance for enchanting and Breakthrough enchanting has been increased. The effects of Breakthrough enchanting have been improved.


Creativity system has been reorganized, the effects of primary stats have been increased. A new High Daeva skill has been added to each class.


A number of new quests related to the new content have been added. Quests for the Tokens of Growth have been added.


Item tooltips have been changed, and video recording function has been added.