KR - Update September 21st 2016

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1. Fixed skill issues in the Kumuki Cave instance.

2. You can now gain AP in following instances.

Instance Monster
Rift of Oblivion Special Forces Commander Gegares
Arkhal's Hidden Space Akhal the Oracle
Kroban Base Brigade General Tahabata
Artifact Overlord Kroban

3. HP of monsters in the Sanctum Battlefield', 'Pandaemonium Battlefield has been decreased.

4. Increased the experience gained from killing monsters in the Sanctum Battlefield, Pandaemonium Battlefield.

5. 5min after the Commander Zedas appears in the Sanctum Battlefield and Pandaemonium Battlefield, the battle will end.

6. Some settings of the Gold Arena have been changed.

- You can now see the level of the character you are targeting.

- An issue with skills becoming unavailable after closing the game in the Gold Arena has been fixed.

- The winning character will now be highlighted in yellow in the matching table.

7. Spectator mode in the Gold Arena has been modified.

- Skills that the character you are watching used, will now be displayed after a successful use.

- Names of the characters and summoned objects will now be displayed in the same colour.


1. You can no longer install Kisks around the Anoha Fortress.

2. Fixed issues with system messages displayed when certain monsters appear during Upper Abyss sieges.


1. An issue with the character damage that appeared after the KR - Update September 7th 2016 has been fixed.


1. You can now abandon a quest directly from the quest tracker.

Abandon Quest Button

2. The number of quests you can start has been increased from 40 to 50.

3. Type and name of some quests have been changed.

- Some kill quests have been classified as Emergency Command quests. This has been changed. All affected tasks will be moved to the appropriate tab.

- '[Emergency Command]' has been removed from the names of the affected quests.


1. When purchasing items from the broker, the price will now be highlighted.

Purchase Confirmation Window

2. Abyssal Star has been added.

- Charging the Abyssal Star will increase your AP gain.

- Abyssal Star applies to:

Effect Applies Effect does not Apply
Killing monsters Exchanging relics
Killing other players Selling items
Rewards in instances Quest rewards

- Abyssal Star can be used simultaneously with the Berdin's Lucky Star.

3. Fragmented Spinel's icon has been changed.

Before After
3 120160921012318.png 3 220160921012321.png

4. System messages that appear during Sky Island battles have been improved.

5. A regional message will now be displayed when an enemy ship arrives at a Sky Island.

6. The Remove Manastone button in the Boost/Modify window would display as active all the time. This issue has been fixed.

7. An issue with the zoom button displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

8. System message that displays after a failed attempt to combine two two-handed weapons has been fixed.

9. An issue with cooldowns not always displaying on the icons of transformation only skills has been fixed.

10. [Menu] – [Help] – [View Loading Tips] has been added to the Menu.

11. An issue with wrong messages displaying in the Boost/Modify window has been fixed.

12. Typos in the Boost/Modify window have been fixed.


1. An issue with Miren Fortress NPCs not displaying properly has been fixed.


1. The terrain in the Gold Arena Boot Camp has been changed.

2. Flying Feline Wings will now have sound effects.

5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


Dungeons Pandaemonium Battlefield


Gold Arena

Sanctum Battlefield


General Items Spinel Medal



New items High Guard Defence Squad's Set

High Guard Praetor's Set


Prigga Legion's Set

Enhanced Prigga Legion's Set

        Cutting-edge Prigga Legion's Set


Roaring Antriksha's Set


Enhanced Illusion Godstones

High Archon Defence Squad's Set

High Archon Praetor's Set


Sealed Lightning Dragon King's Set
Thunder Dragon King's Set
Improved Thunder Dragon King's Set
Timeless Thunder Dragon King's Set

System Battlefield Union System

Conditional Skills

Skill Skin System


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