KR - Update October 19th 2016

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1. Competition Points will now be rewarded in the level 66~75 Arena of Discipline.

- The number of points received in the Arena of Discipline depends on whether you won/lost.

- Competition Points can only be acquired during a set season and only the characters that finished 5 rounds are eligible for rewards.

- To see your current position go to [Menu] - [Community] – [Competition Rank] – [Arena of Discipline] – [My Position].

- The final score window in the Arena of Discipline will now include the Competition Points.

- Player's position in the ranking is based on accumulated Competition Points among all servers, the rewards depend on the final score.

2. The difficulty of the monsters in the Sanctum Battlefield, and Pandaemonium Battlefield has been reduced. Also, some of the rewards have been changed, and the probability of obtaining said rewards has been increased.


1. Monster Book for Esterra/Nosra regions has been added.

- You can collect monster illustrations by killing monsters in Esterra (Elyos), Nosra (Asmodians).

- After killing a set number of monsters, you can collect a phase reward.

- To open the Monster book go to [Menu] - [Monster Book].

Monster Book
1) Shows the race (Elyos/Asmodians) and the region Esterra/Nosra.
2) Classification by the monster type.
3) The icons are activated after unlocking an illustration, you can earn rewards for each phase.
4) Monster's image will be displayed after unlocking it's illustration.
5) Details about monster's habitat ([Show Location]).

※ However, monsters that appear depending on the environmental settings will be hidden.

2. Some of [Profile – Equipment Sets]'s features have been improved.

- Cooldown has been reduced from 3s to 1s.

- Icons have been added to easily distinguish each set.

- An issue with Power Shards displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

- System message that appears when trying to register an unusable item has been fixed.

- An issue with sound effects not being played when changing the set has been fixed.

3. An issue with the client shutting down after distributing Creativity Points has been fixed.


1. You will now be asked to hunt different monsters for the Elyos quest , and Asmodian quest .

2. Quest marks for tasks that rewards players with titles will now be visible regardless of the character's level.

3. Typos in the Elyos mission have been fixed.


1. Pesky Drakie's attack power has been reduced.

2. An issue with an Esterra monster Leaf Orpi Matriarch appearing in the wrong place has been fixed.


1. An issue with the client sometimes displaying errors on the 1st startup after an update has been fixed.

2. Some loading tooltips have been added/removed.

5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


Dungeons Pandaemonium Battlefield


Gold Arena

Sanctum Battlefield


General Items Spinel Medal



New items High Guard Defence Squad's Set

High Guard Praetor's Set


Prigga Legion's Set

Enhanced Prigga Legion's Set

        Cutting-edge Prigga Legion's Set


Roaring Antriksha's Set


Enhanced Illusion Godstones

High Archon Defence Squad's Set

High Archon Praetor's Set


Sealed Lightning Dragon King's Set
Thunder Dragon King's Set
Improved Thunder Dragon King's Set
Timeless Thunder Dragon King's Set

System Battlefield Union System

Conditional Skills

Skill Skin System


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