5.3 Update - Battlefield Union System

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Battlefield Union System

1. Battlefield Union function that allows you to automatically participate in a large-scale fortress battles as well as Commander Skills have been added.

- A Fortress Siege HUD will appear in the upper right corner of your screen 10min before a fortress becomes vulnerable (Ex: Anoha Fortress in the Kaldor region). However, the 'Subscribe to Battlefield Union' button will only appear when you get close to the fortress.

- Click on the Subscribe button on the Fortress Siege HUD to automatically join the Battlefield Union, it can take up to 5 minutes before you join the Battlefield Union. (After the Fortress Siege starts, a new subscription request will be handled within a minute.)

- Battlefield Union will automatically appoint the most skilled players as the 'Union Chief Captain', 'Union Alliance Leader', 'Alliance Leader'.

- Once the automatic configuration of the Battlefield Union has been finished, you can manually change the configuration of each alliance.

- Up to 576 people can join the Battlefield Union, for Lower Abyss fortresses you need to be at least level 45, for any other fortress, 66 or higher.

- To finalize Battlefield Union configuration, at least 24 people need to apply.

Fortress Siege HUD Commander Skills
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- When you apply to the Battlefield Union, you will be removed from any Party/Alliance you are currently a part of.

- To leave the Battlefield Union, click on the 'Unsubscribe from Battlefield Union' in the Fortress Siege HUD or move to a different location.

- Each Alliance Leader has the ability to expel a player, an expelled player can not re-join the Union for 5min. (General withdrawal allows you to immediately re-join)

- Each 'Union Chief Captain', 'Union Alliance Leader', 'Alliance Leader' in the Battlefield Untion can use Commander skills.

Battlefield Union Commander Skills



1. Battlefield Union Commander Skills have been added.

- Each 'Union Chief Captain', 'Union Alliance Leader', 'Alliance Leader' in the Battlefield Untion can use Commander skills.

- Commanders Skills are only available to Commanders that are at least 1-Star Officers, the level of available skills depends on the rank.

- To use Commanders Skill, a minimum of players in the Alliance/Union Alliance/Battlefield Union has to be reached.

- The higher the Abyss Rank, the more powerful the Commanders Skills.

Commander Skill Re-cast Time Min Number of People Explanation Skill Level by Rank
Summon: Battlefield Kisk 30min 96 Places a kisk that can register up to 576 people. Restores HP and MP of anyone within 15m ever 3sec and creates a barrier that lasts for 1min. Governor - Lv 3

Commander - Lv 2

1-Star Officer - Lv 1

Charge Command 15min 48 Increases Movement speed, Attack/Casting Speed and Physical/Magical attack power for 3min. Commander - Lv 3

General - Lv 2

1-Star Officer - Lv 1

Commander's Encouragement 5min (Shared cooldown) 12 Increases HP and PVP attack of the Alliance for 3min. General - Lv 3

5-Star Officer - Lv 2

1-Star Officer - Lv 1

Extermination of the Balaur 12 For 2min gives the alliance a chance to deal 100% additional damage to the Balaur.
Commander's Blessing 12 Removes all debuffs from all alliance members, restores some of the vitality and creates a protective shield that absorbs 50% of the incoming damage.


5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


Maximum capacity of 384 people. Every Saturday at 22:00, a massive invasion starts.

Fortress · Abyss

Renewal of Fortress sieges. Fortresses in Gelkmaros/Inggisson have been removed.

Battlefield Union System

Sieges will now be handled through the Battlefield Union System. Leaders of the Battlefield Union will receive additional skills.


High Guardian/Archon Commander's Set with outstanding performance and skill enhancing abilities, has been added.

Character · Skills

Honour Points daily deduction has been removed, rank conditions for star officers have been changed.


New missions, and fortress-related PVP quests have been added.


Atreia Pass has been reorganized, the compass will now display players from the opposite race a little bit better.