5.3 Update - Improved Skill Usability

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Gladiator's 4 blows, but only one shortcut!

Update on September 7th improved the way you use skills.

You can now register statuses and conditions under which some skills became available without the need to register each skill separately.

Register Condition Icons to the Quickbar

The following is a summary of status icons that can be registered to the quickbar.

You can register up to 5 statuses targeting other characters, and up to 5 statuses directed at you.

Target You
8c32835ae6e92093ea2612dc.png Stunned 274e83f508b6d71e71701946.png Evasion
801893ad0897843c07ecebf6.png Stumble D5cf79a5e53c88243c7fe051.png Shock State
B676c38b61be13274a827d99.png Spin B86e29e00a72a4eae4a5c9b8.png Parry
Ccacbccac1baeb05b182fa7a.png Aether's Hold 2ea9d0edd9581f5b72b7b81a.png Block
454d2f49d6e3af33e394b80d.png Stun 839d0452de4324a71c0b98bc.png Magic Resist

How to Use

Following example will describe how to register condition and status icons for a Gladiator.

1. Registering status icon to the quickbar

- Go the the Chain Skills tab in the skill window, and register a status icon (Stumble, Block) to the quickbar.

- Example: Register the Stumble icon from the Gladiator's Chain Skills.


Register a status icon from the Chain Skills

2. The status will change when the conditions are met

- When under right conditions, the icon on the quick bar will change to associated skill.

- Example: When your target stumbles, the icon will change to a skill that can only be used on a stumbled enemy.


Under right conditions, the icon will change


to a skill that can be used under those conditions

3. Change the order of conditional skills in the Chain Skills tab

- Under the Chain Skills tab, you can set in what order you would like to use your conditional skills. If the cooldown of the 1st skill is not over, the next skill will show on the quickbar instead.

- Example: If you register Stumble to the quickbar, you will be able to use 4 different skills.


You can check you skill order in the Chain Skills tab


You can also change the order by dragging the skills to
different positions

5.3 Dragon Lord's Resurrection


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