5.1 - NPC

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1. NPCs selling new 'Crucible Coliseum' items in exchange for Valor Insignia(s) have been added.

Race NPC
Elyos Alkarurops Spika
Rikardo Arachnis
Asmodian Vladmir Andarta
Heinrich Britta

2. Some of already existing 'Crucible Coliseum' NPCs have been moved.

3. The amount of Abyss Points a player can obtain from monsters and infiltration forces in Esterra / Nosra has been changed.

4. Dragions that appear in Upper Rashanta will no longer drop Lord Beritra's Troops.

5. Issue with Insignia of Darkness Protection / Insignia of Light Protection not applying correctly has been fixed.

6. Monsters related to some Vengar Asmodian quests will no longer drop Kinah.

7. Skills and sound effects of some monsters have been modified.


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory

Instanced Dungeons

Garden of Knowledge and Kroban Base instances have been added.


High Daeva Battlefields such as new Dredgion have been added. New Insignias for High Daevas competing in the Arena have been added.


New missions that go deeper into the High Daeva's story have been added. Also, check new field and instance quests.


New merchants selling items in exchange for Valor Insignia(s) have been added. Organization of merchants in the Crucible Coliseum lobby has been changed.


Various new items, Skill Buff Reassignment and Recommended Level Reduction systems have been added.


High Daeva dedicated crafting, Magical Crafting, has been added. This system allows High Daevas to produce items anywhere they are.


Rookie Server can now be used up to level 65. Buffs will now show in a different order, environment has been improved and other changes have been applied.