5.1 - Instanced Dungeons

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5.1 Update introduced 2 new instances for High Daevas.

Garden of Knowledge, the main instance of 5.1 with the highest grade of difficulty. It might be hard but rewards players with very powerful items.

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Garden of Knowledge

The Garden of Knowledge is an ancient lookout previously used to watch over Atreia. Long abandoned, a malevolent serpent named Piton has taken up residence in this garden. As High Daevas explored the Library of Knowledge in Esterra and Nosra, a passage was discovered to the Garden.

Your mission is to rescue a missing agent, and purify the Garden of Knowledge by eliminating Piton and his corruption.

- Garden of Knowledge can be accessed from the Artifact of Knowledge area inside the Tower of Eternity or through a 'Memory Crack' inside the Library of Knowledge.

Entry Ways Entry Conditions
From Esterra / Nosra enter into the Tower of Eternity and find the entrance near the Artifact of Knowledge area. Complete the Library of Knowledge mission first:
Through a 'Memory Crack' inside the Library of Knowledge After the final boss in the Library of Knowledge has been defeated, you can enter the Garden through a 'Memory Crack'

- Entries to the Garden of Knowledge can be increased with Kinah, the default settings are as follows.

Dungeon Group Size Entires/Reset Main Loot
Garden of Knowledge 66+
Group (6)
4 entries a week
(Wednesday at 9:00)
- Apollon's Set

- Cradle of Eternity Enchant Supplement Bundle
- Cradle of Eternity Manastone Bundle
- Cradle of Eternity Illusion Godstone Bundle


The Garden of Knowledge


Choose your path to the Garden's roots


A look instade the contaminated area of the Garden


The final boss in the Garden of Knowledge

Kroban Base

Poeta has once again been invaded by Balaur in the future, but something is... different. Using an artifact from the Tower of Eternity, a being known as Kroban now rules. Evade Lieutenant Anuhart and defeat Brigade General Tahabata to challenge Kroban and liberate Kroban Base.

- Kroban Base is located in the Esterra region of Polten Marsh (Elyos), Nosra region of Canyon of Lost Souls (Asmodians).

- Entries to the Kroban Base can be increased with Kinah.

Dungeon Group Size Entires/Reset Main Loot
Kroban Base 66+
Group (6)
3 entries a week
(Wednesday at 9:00)
- Kroban's Set

- Kroban's Conditioning Bundle
- Kroban's Illusion Godstone Bundle
- Stigma Sack


Instance so similiar but yet so different from Dark Poeta


Someone must break through the Balau defences


Tahabata in his human form


Penetrate the Burning Home and face Kroban


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory

Instanced Dungeons

Garden of Knowledge and Kroban Base instances have been added.


High Daeva Battlefields such as new Dredgion have been added. New Insignias for High Daevas competing in the Arena have been added.


New missions that go deeper into the High Daeva's story have been added. Also, check new field and instance quests.


New merchants selling items in exchange for Valor Insignia(s) have been added. Organization of merchants in the Crucible Coliseum lobby has been changed.


Various new items, Skill Buff Reassignment and Recommended Level Reduction systems have been added.


High Daeva dedicated crafting, Magical Crafting, has been added. This system allows High Daevas to produce items anywhere they are.


Rookie Server can now be used up to level 65. Buffs will now show in a different order, environment has been improved and other changes have been applied.