5.1 - Etc

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1. Icons of some buffs will now be separated.

- Buff effects can be displayed in a General or Aion style.

Aion Style General Style
Img2 1 120160308181630.jpg Img2 220160308181401.jpg

- Separated buffs are as follows.

Shugo Workshop Buffs Benefits of home ownership Energy of Repose
Legion Benefits Golden Star Aura New / Returning player benefits
Security benefits Energy of Salvation Growth Aura

2. The way the recommended level reduction is displayed has been changed.

- It will now show the reduced level and the maximum possible reduction.


3. You will no longer need to view all possible rewards to accept a quest.

- The Accept button will always be active, regardless of the reward list being acknowledged.

4. Issue with Growth Aura status displaying incorrectly for level 75 character when hunting monsters has been fixed.

5. Inggison map has been fixed.


1. Description of the Cleric's skill Blinding Light has been changed.


1. Rookie Server can now be used in more regions.

- Elyos can enjoy the Signia Region, Asmodians the Vengar region.

- You can not infiltrate the opposite race's region.

- Instances that can only be accessed through portals located on the opposite race's map or give Abyss Points cannot be entered on the Rookie Server.

Instanced Dungeon
Rune Tribe Refuge

Lost Refuge

Lost Rentus Base

Sealed Hall of Knowledge

Cursed Argent Manor


2. Base teleportation has been added to Signia and Vengar villages.

- Click on the icon on the map to move to the selected location.

3. Travel cost from Elysea to Signia will no longer cost 1 Kinah.

4. Issue with not being able to place Kisks in the arrival region of Esterra has been fixed.

5. Fixed an issue with movement speed being reduced in some regions of Theobomos.

6. Floor effects in the Azphel's Crucible Temple in Nosra has been changed.


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory

Instanced Dungeons

Garden of Knowledge and Kroban Base instances have been added.


High Daeva Battlefields such as new Dredgion have been added. New Insignias for High Daevas competing in the Arena have been added.


New missions that go deeper into the High Daeva's story have been added. Also, check new field and instance quests.


New merchants selling items in exchange for Valor Insignia(s) have been added. Organization of merchants in the Crucible Coliseum lobby has been changed.


Various new items, Skill Buff Reassignment and Recommended Level Reduction systems have been added.


High Daeva dedicated crafting, Magical Crafting, has been added. This system allows High Daevas to produce items anywhere they are.


Rookie Server can now be used up to level 65. Buffs will now show in a different order, environment has been improved and other changes have been applied.