5.1 - Quests

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Aster / North Folds New Missions

Race Area Quest Name
Elyos Esterra

Asmodian Nosra

Garden of Knowledge Quests

1. Missions and Quests related to the Garden of Knowledge have been added.

- Can be accepted by High Daevas level 66 and higher from NPCs near the entrance or when you enter the zone.

Race Quest Starting NPC

After entering the Garden of Knowledge area


Automatically when entering the Garden of Knowledge

After entering the Garden of Knowledge area


Automatically when entering the Garden of Knowledge

New Battlefield Quests

Area Elyos Quests Asmodian Quests
Ashunatal Dredgion

Runatorium Ruins

Balaur Marching Route

Other Changes

1. New repeatable quests for High Daeva Crucible Coliseum have been added.

- Elyos: | Asmodian:

2. Tutorial quests for the new High Daeva crafting, Magical Crafting, have been added.

Race Area Quest Name NPC
Elyos Esterra Pellen
<Daeva of Zephyr>
Asmodian Nosra Edorin
<Shadow Executor>

3. Honour Points have been added as compensation for some war quests in Esterra / Nosra.

Race Quest Name

4. Settings of some Crucible Coliseum quests have been changed.

- All quests can now be accepted by characters level 51 and higher instead of level 46, XP and Kinah rewards for level 51 quests have been changed.

- Crucible Coliseum Ticket quest has been removed.

5. Missions from before the 'Invasion' Update will become available in simplified versions.

- In progress quests that can no longer be started or finished will be removed.

- After old missions have been removed you will automatically start a new mission. You can start from scratch after completing the 1st command.

- However, if you finished all missions before this update, you won't receive any new missions.

6. Settings of some quests in big cities have been changed.

- some key quests have been changed to normal quests.

- Min. level and recommended level for some quests has been changed from 10 to 29.

- XP and Kinah rewards for some quests have been increased.

7. Progress and rewards for Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield quests have been changed.

- There are no more pre-quests and acquisition level has been increased to 66.

Race Quest

8. Issue with some quests still rewarding players with Frozen items has been fixed.

9. Typos in the quest have been fixed.


5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory

Instanced Dungeons

Garden of Knowledge and Kroban Base instances have been added.


High Daeva Battlefields such as new Dredgion have been added. New Insignias for High Daevas competing in the Arena have been added.


New missions that go deeper into the High Daeva's story have been added. Also, check new field and instance quests.


New merchants selling items in exchange for Valor Insignia(s) have been added. Organization of merchants in the Crucible Coliseum lobby has been changed.


Various new items, Skill Buff Reassignment and Recommended Level Reduction systems have been added.


High Daeva dedicated crafting, Magical Crafting, has been added. This system allows High Daevas to produce items anywhere they are.


Rookie Server can now be used up to level 65. Buffs will now show in a different order, environment has been improved and other changes have been applied.