KR - Update January 25th 2017

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1. Conditions and times for the invasion of Ancient machines in Nosra/Esterra have been changed.

- When the monsters appear, a Rift leading to the opposite race's map will also emerge.

Saturday 20:00 Sunday 20:00
Sturdy Tetran Heavy Tetran

2. Fixed an issue with sounds not playing in the Narakkalli instance.

3. Terrain in the Narakkalli instance has been fixed.

4. The terrain in Esterra has been fixed.


1. You can now enter the Cursed Argent Manor 7 times a week.

2. Bosses in the Neviwind Canyon battlefield will now purse the player for a longer distance.

3. The character that received 'Sakra's Essence' in the Narakkalli would appear as an ally to the explosive devices. This issue has been fixed.

4. Obtaining the Magic Orb while transformed during a mission in the Narakkalli instance was not possible. This issue has been fixed.

5. An issue with Runatorium Ruins's entry count has been fixed.

6. Under certain circumstances, the entry count to the Rift of Oblivion would apply incorrectly. This issue has been fixed.

7. Unyielding Guardian Shardgolem that appears in the Museum of Knowledge instance will no longer be affected by character's ability to reduce recovery.


1. A universal dye that lets you choose a desired color has been added.

2. A new Reviving Elemental Stone with an unlimited number of uses has been added. It will be used first even if you have another Reviving Stone (Reviving Elemental Stone, Tombstone of Revival) in your inventory.

3. Attributes of some High Daeva Wings that can be obtained as rewards for some instances have been changed.

4. Some bundles will no longer contain Armour pieces that are no longer obtainable.

5. Aether Revolvers/Aether Cannons/Aether Keys will now give Attack Speed instead of Casting Speed.

6. Fixed an issue where Ancient Manastones could not be used on Sprout Daeva Shields and Armours.

7. Information about Fusing and strengthening has been added to the tooltips of Sprout Daeva weapons.

8. Fragmented Golden Wings's description will no longer be duplicated.

9. Appearance of some Armour items has been fixed.


1. Minion preview function has been added.

- Right click on a Minion to bring up the Minion Menu.

- Use the preview function to check your Minion from different angles.

2. Minions will no longer appear abnormally while flying.


1. In-game Video Recording function will no longer stop when moving between servers (Main <-> Rookie/Integrated Server).

2. Party window will no longer appear blurred when a player is selected.

3. Miss-placed details in the item tooltips have been fixed.

4. When checking skill details from an item's tooltip, the information about the skill sharing cooldown with other skills would not appear. This issue has been fixed.

5. The item's recommended level would not show the reduced value unless it was equipped by you. This issue has been fixed.

6. Skill acquisition icon wold maintain even if there were no new skills acquired. This issue has been fixed.


1. Disspell effect of the new High Daeva Bard skill Purification Melody has been adjusted.

2. New High Daeva skills Mau Blessing and Slayer of Darkness would not overlap with some other skills. This issue has been fixed.


1. Progress of the Asmodian quest has been changed.

2. Typos in the Asmodian quest have been fixed.

3. Re-appearance time of Scattered Fragment/Fallen Fragment for Invasion-related quests has been changed.


1. Merato's will no longer have a female voice.


1. The 'Immortal: Flower of Ice' cutscene that appears when a character reaches level 10 or higher can now be stopped.

2. The client will no longer shut down under certain circumstances.

5.5 Immortal: Flower of Ice
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Battlefields:

Neviwind Canyon


Museum of Knowledge


General Items Petra Medal

Shining Enchantment Stone

Battle Mark

Coin of Growth

New items Ancient Fallusha's Set


Arkhal's Accessories
Kroban's Accessories

Holy Apollon's Set

Holy Maze Set


Elegant Peacock Feathers Set

System Enchanting System Renewal

New High Daeva Skills



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