KR - Update February 15th 2017

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1. Weapons/Armor items of Heroic and below grades can no longer be Enchanted/Extracted/Fused/Socketed with Manastones/Socketed with Godstones.

- However, items that have already been Enchanted/Extracted/Fused/Socketed with Manastones/Socketed with Godstones will remain unchanged.

2. Stats of the Shadowsoul items have been increased and the rental cost lowered.

3. Some items from the Narakkalli and Kroban Base instances would display as Abyss items. This issue has been fixed.

4. Harvester's Spellbook / Harvester's Orb / Harvester's Harp's Casting Speed has been fixed.

Instanced Dungeon

1. An issue that was preventing players from entering the Arena from the Golden Party Arena waiting room when some confirmation window poped up has been fixed.

2. Auras used by witches in the Narakkalli instance will now always overlap.


1. 'Aion NShop' service will no longer be duplicated under [Menu – Services].

2. Stats from the secondary weapon in a fused two-handed item will now apply correctly.


1. Vertical range of the new High Daeva skill, Bloodwind Slash, has been increased.

5.5 Immortal: Flower of Ice
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Battlefields:

Neviwind Canyon


Museum of Knowledge


General Items Petra Medal

Shining Enchantment Stone

Battle Mark

Coin of Growth

New items Ancient Fallusha's Set


Arkhal's Accessories
Kroban's Accessories

Holy Apollon's Set

Holy Maze Set


Elegant Peacock Feathers Set

System Enchanting System Renewal

New High Daeva Skills



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