A Flower That Needs Blood to Bloom

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Bastion of Souls
Level 999 / Recommended 999
Number of Repeats:

  1. Talk with Cautious Bastiel at Navigation in the Bastion of Souls.

  2. Follow Path of Serenity Passage and investigate Motionless Elyos Daeva.

  3. Investigate the Dying Elyos Daeva in the Path of Serenity.

  4. Investigate the Suffering Elyos Daeva in the Path of Serenity.

  5. Follow the Path of Serenity and go to Incarna Roots.

  6. Protect Bastiel while he takes out the Incarna roots.

    Eliminate the Harvester Gatherers. ([17]/5)

  7. After getting rid of the Incarna Roots, go to Altar of Serenity and defeat the evil Ancient Harvester weaving their spells.

    Defeat Arrogant Prida ([23]/1)

    Defeat Jealous Invida ([26]/1)

    Defeat Enraged Halda ([29]/1)

    Defeat Envious Lida ([32]/1)

  8. Finish up in Altar of Serenity and complete the the Bastion of Souls investigation mission.

  9. Talk with Distressed Bastiel at the Altar of Serenity.

  10. Go to Iluma and report to Ephim.

  11. Summary:
    Order: Help Captain Bastiel of the Arrows of Freedom investigate the Bastion of Souls.