KR - Update January 18th 2017

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1. Enchanting benefits for Daeva Shields (1~65) have been changed.

Level Before After
1~10 Damage Reduction 2% Damage Reduction 2%
11~15 Block 30 Block 30
16~20 HP 100

Physical Defence 50

Magic Suppression 20

Block 30

HP 100

21+ HP 100

Physical Defence 50

Magic Suppression 20

HP 100

Physical Defence 50

Magic Suppression 20

2. A regional message will now be displayed when a player acquires a Tempering Solution or Omega Enchantment Stone.

3. The time to combine Silver/Gold/Platinum/Mithril/Ceranium Medals into Petra Medal has been shortened.

4. Appearance of some items displaying abnormally has been fixed.

5. An issue with tooltips of some items not displaying has been fixed.


1. Team configuration settings in the Neviwind Canyon instance have been changed.

- The group will remain its configuration even when the leader disconnects or removes the application.

- 이미 지원한 구성원에 중복 지원이 불가능하게 변경되었으며, 지원을 거절할 때 메시지가 전달되도록 변경했습니다.

2. Window size and colours of admission status for the Neviwind Canyon instance have been changed.

3. Admission button for the Neviwind Canyon would sometimes reset or display as disabled. This issue has been fixed.

4. Additional entries to the Museum of Knowledge can now be bought with Kinah.

5. You will now receive 1,200 Honour Points instead of 200 for killing Boliag in the Museum of Knowledge instance.

6. Boliag's battle pattern has been fixed.

7. After activating all 4 Artifacts of Knowledge, the battle pattern would not continue. This issue has been fixed.

8. Bodies of monsters in the Museum of Knowledge that do not drop any items will now disappear immediately.

9. Effects and motions of some monsters and NPCs in the Museum of Knowledge instance have been changed.

10. Issue withBrand Removal Orb not appearing during a fight with Cold Mahorosh has been fixed.


1. Item tooltips have been changed.

- The recommended level and item skill details will now show as "Can be seen after identification".

- After using <ESC> to close the tooltip of one item, the tooltips for other items in the inventory would be invisible. This issue has been fixed.

- The expiration time will now show the time to the second when it's less than an hour.

- Damage Reduction in some Shield tooltips would not display. This issue has been fixed.

- Item's remaining time will once again be displayed in red.

- Conditioning/Augmentation information in the item's tooltip will now display properly.

- The probability symbol (%) in the Godstone tooltips has corrected.

2. An issue with wrong system messages displaying when sending mails with attachments has been fixed.

3. An issue with the Voic Chat not always working properly in the Battlefield Union has been fixed.

4. Zephyr Shop will now open normally from the character selection window.


1. Effects of some new High Daeva skills have been changed.

2. Ignite Aether and Magic Implosion will no longer dispel the new High Daeva Spiritmaster's skill Nightmare Scream.


1. An additional effect has been added when acquiring A grade Minions.

2. The re-call time will now be displayed on the Minion and pet icons.

3. Tooltips for Minion effects have been changed.

4. Tooltips of Grendal's skills have been changed.

5. Summoned Minion will no longer be available as a Synthesis material.

6. An issue with contract button displaying as disabled after using a Minion contract has been fixed.

7. Broker will no longer have issues handling Minion Contracts.


1. Minion quests will now give different rewards, and will no longer be avoidable.

2. Minion quests will now reward players with Special Minion Contract.

- Players that have already finished the Minion quest will find a new contract in the inventory.

3. Traces of Mining for the (E), and (A) will now appear more frequently.


1. An issue with the Battlefield Kisk not registering more than 24 players has been fixed.


1. Monsters in the Abyss will no longer drop low level items.

5.5 Immortal: Flower of Ice
Quests Elyos:


Dungeons Battlefields:

Neviwind Canyon


Museum of Knowledge


General Items Petra Medal

Shining Enchantment Stone

Battle Mark

Coin of Growth

New items Ancient Fallusha's Set


Arkhal's Accessories
Kroban's Accessories

Holy Apollon's Set

Holy Maze Set


Elegant Peacock Feathers Set

System Enchanting System Renewal

New High Daeva Skills



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