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Abyss Points are the points used to determine your rank within the PvPvE game world. They can be earned through normal Player versus Player (PvP) combat when defeating other players, or by defeating Balaur. You will also be given Abyss Points for defeating any NPC within the Abyss and Balaurea. These points can be lost, however, if you spend them or if another player (or one of the Balaur) defeats you in battle.

Gaining Abyss Points Losing Abyss Points
- Eliminating Players of the opposing Faction
- Eliminating NPCs of the opposing Factions
- Hunting creatures in the Abyss and Balaurea
- Quest Rewards
- Turning in Abyss Relics
- Going to various instances
- Death at the hands of Players from the opposing faction
- Death at the hands of NPCs from the opposing factions
- Purchasing Abyss Items

Checking your Abyss Points

To view your current Abyss Points as well as your rank, open your Character Window [P] and select the "Abyss" tab.

Rank current ayss page.png

Field Name Description
Current Rank This is your rank title, this title will be displayed to enemies when they spot you on the battlefield.
Abyss Point This is your current number of Abyss Points acquired. This value will go up when you defeat a PC or NPC of the opposing factions, including the Balaur. The meter line below this is a visual display of how many points you need to reach your next rank.
Next Rank This is the rank you will be once you have reached the required Abyss Points.
Points Needed This is the number of total Abyss points needed to reach the next rank.
Today This lists the number of player kills and Abyss Point you have acquired on the current day.
This Week This lists the total number of player kills and Abyss Point you have acquired for the current week.
Last Week This lists the total number of player kills and Abyss Point you acquired during the previous week.
Total This lists you total number of player kills and the highest rank you have ever achieved.

Abyss Rankings

Abyss Points directly affect your PvPvE ranking. Abyss rank signifies the ranking order of each player within their faction. The more Abyss Points the higher your rank. If you lose points it is possible to go down in rank. There are 18 ranks available, ranging from the lowest "Soldier, Rank 9" to the highest " Army Govenor". The highest of these ranks will receive unique abilities only they are able to use. However, these abilities will only be available within the Abyss and some parts of Balaurea. If you lose a rank that offers these abilities, you will lose acces to them.

Your rank will determine how many points you will receive when defeating an enemy Player or Balaur, or how many you’ll lose when defeated. Also, each rank above "Soldier, Rank 1" is limited to the number of players that can hold that rank. Below lists ranks, point requirements, and Abyss Point gains and losses for an enemy of the same rank as you.

Rank Listings:

Rank Title Rank Level Required Abyss Points Maximum Positions Points Gained Points Lost
Soldier, Rank 9 1 0 No Max 120 24
Soldier, Rank 8 2 1,200 No Max 168 37
Soldier, Rank 7 3 4,220 No Max 235 58
Soldier, Rank 6 4 10,990 No Max 329 91
Soldier, Rank 5 5 23,500 No Max 461 143
Soldier, Rank 4 6 42,780 No Max 645 225
Soldier, Rank 3 7 68,700 No Max 903 356
Soldier, Rank 2 8 105,600 No Max 1,264 561
Soldier, Rank 1 9 150,800 No Max 1,770 885
Army 1-Star Officer 10 - 1,000 1,868 467
Army 2-Star Officer 11 - 700 2,241 560
Army 3-Star Officer 12 - 500 2,577 644
Army 4-Star Officer 13 - 300 2,964 741
Army 5-Star Officer 14 - 100 4,446 1,511
Army General 15 - 30 4,890 1,662
Army Great General 16 - 10 5,378 1,828
Army Commander 17 - 3 5,916 2,011
Army Governor 18 - 1 7,099 2,413

Abyss Rewards

Abyss Points can be used to purchase various items from Contribution vendors. These items can be anything from armour and weapons to consumables and recipes. The vendors for these items can be found in both Sanctum and Pandaemonium, as well as within the Abyss at Primum Landing and Teminon Landing. For more recent items go to your faction's stronghold or to Hall of Fame (Elyos) and Temple of Honour (Asmodian). For a more up to date designs go to the Upper Abyss.

In order to purchase these items, you will need to spend Abyss Points. The amount of points needed will depend on the item’s minimum level and its quality. Some of the higher quality items will also require Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mithril or Ceranium Medals received from Fortress Sieges as well as some instance rewards.

For a list of fortress vulnerabilities, please see our Fortress Siege Times page.


Abyss Point Weapons


These require Medals as well

Important Note: It is important to remember that when you spend Abyss Points, it is possible to spend enough to lower your Abyss Ranking. In the case of higher ranks, this will mean you lose access to that ranks powers!