KR - Update April 25th 2018

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1. 'Additional PvP Damage/Defence', 'Additional PvE Damage/Defence’ has been added to equipment items above level 75.

- This applies to all items, already obtained/equipped ones as well.

- The values apply along with the enchanting bonuses, and each part gives a different amount.

- PvP and PvE bonuses in combined two-handed weapons do not overlap, and the highest value will be applied.

(Ex. Combining Ultimate Cloud War Spellbook (Additional PvP Damage/Defence +176) with Legendary Cloud War Spellbook (Additional PvP Damage/Defence +158) will result in an item giving Additional PvP Damage/Defence +176)

- If you combine a PvE item with a PvP one, both ‘Additional PvP Damage/Defence’ and ‘Additional PvE Damage/Defence’ will be applied.

- Additional PvP/PvE Damage/Defence applies differently to crafted items than to items of the same grade.

2. More selective options have been added to the Re-identification bonuses for the Ultimate Dancing Red Flame Set / Ultimate Dancing Ember Set.

- Random stats have been increased from 4 to 6.

(Ex. ‘Healing Boost’ has been added to Weapon items, ‘Accuracy/Magical Acc’ has been added to Wings items)

3. The effects of Prototype Attack Enhancement, Heroic Attack Enhancement, Eternal Attack Enhancement, Prototype Defense Enhancement, Heroic Defense Enhancement, Eternal Defense Enhancement usable inside the Neviwind Canyon will not apply properly.

4. The effect of PvP Defense Scroll usable inside Runatorium will now apply properly.

5. A re-use guideline has been added to the tooltip of Name Change Ticket, Legion Name Change Ticket.

6. The tooltip of some unsellable items would say they are sellable through the Broker Agent. This issue has been fixed.

7. Extendable weapons will no longer be usable as skins.

8. The number of materials required to craft Ultimate Monarch's Shoulderplates and Ultimate Conqueror's Shoulderplates has been changed.

9. Some unused home objects will no longer be obtainable.

Instanced Dungeon

1. The drop of Legendary and above items in some Instanced Dungeons has been increased.

- Narakkalli, Divine Tower, Prometun's Workshop, Makarna of Bitterness

2. Boxes and monsters in the Arena of Discipline will now require a number of hits regardless of character’s power to be destroyed.

3. Tiamat's Fortress, Fire Temple will no longer be accessible in an Alliance.

Instanced Dungeon

1. The HP of Destroyer Kunax in Runatorium, and Frigate Commander Ashunatal in Ashunatal Dredgion has been changed.


1. The abilities of monsters level 76 and above have been adjusted.


1. PVP abilities of Kaisinel/Marchutan’ Siege buffs will now apply properly.


1. The values in the tooltip of Bard’s Syncopated Echo will now display properly.

2. The altitude of Bard’s Fiery Requiem has been slightly increased.

3. The skill effect of Spiritmaster’s Command: Element Discharge, Command: Elemental Rupture, Command: Elemental Wave will now apply to characters and monsters.


1. The summoning bonus to Magical Acc of level 1 rank B Minions will now apply correctly.

2. The toggle skill of Sita, Hamerun, Kromede, Minion, and Karmen will now work regardless of character’s abilities.


1. An issue with item icons of some Housing items displaying incorrectly has been fixed.

2. Typos in the description of [Event] Black Mane Mau Transformation Potion have been fixed.


1. The terrain around the Prometun's Workshop entrance has been changed and it’s no longer possible to place a Kisk around it.

2. The terrain inside the Divine Fortress has been fixed.


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